How to Choose your Baby Shower Dress

How to Choose your Baby Shower Dress

Baby shower is the current craze followed in every city with much enthusiasm. If it is your own baby shower party, then it will be extra special. Even if you are not pregnant and attending another’s party then also it is special. Baby shower dresses  need to be beautiful and attractive to feel yourself happy from inside as internal happiness is essential for the well being of your baby. Like your marriage, baby shower is equally an important day. Having a baby is the most blessed thing in this world and to welcome your baby you have to dress up and feel good about yourself. You should feel that whatever you wear on the day, you will look incredible as you are doing a noble work by welcoming a life into this earth.

It is difficult to decide on what to wear on the day of the baby shower, but you have to take care of few things before bumping onto your favorite dress. Here are some considerations to be made.

Show off your tummy

Don’t shy off to show your belly, rather it is the time to feel proud of your belly. Everyone present in the party will only notice your belly, not you. Your belly happens to be the center of attention. Try to choose a dress which will tightly hug your belly, revealing it completely. Do not try to hide, rather reveal your cute tummy.

Be comfortable

Comfort is necessary while you are wearing your favorite baby shower dress. You will have to wear it till the party will end. So you need to be comfortable with what you are wearing. By the time a baby shower party is arranged, a lady will be in her third trimester of pregnancy which is a tough time for her. This period is associated with lack of sleep, back pain, heartburn and frequent peeing. In such situations, comfort is very much needed. So it will be good if you ladies choose something which is stretchable and are in simple cotton, to prevent any sort of suffocation. If you are choosing to wear short skirts or pants then get an elastic waistband on it. A fun idea is to throw an animal themed baby shower, provide many different types of cute animal onesies which originate from Japan and are made of super soft, high quality materials.

Choose your cloth depending on the time

One thing should be remembered that you have to choose your dress according to the time of the year. If it is winter, you should keep an easily removable light sweater or jacket in handy, as ladies are prone to frequent hormonal change during pregnancy which can cause them to sweat in one minute and then chilling in the next moment. So considering hormonal fluctuation during the time, ladies should keep everything ready.

Wear low heels

Swelling of the feet is very much natural during pregnancy, so it will be good if you wear low heels. It will reduce swelling. Wear heels which will not be more than 2/3 inches. So, ladies! Keep your high heel passion at check during pregnancy and choose something comfortable.

Match your accessories

Dresses must go with your accessories. Accessories can brighten up whatever you wear. For example, a colorful necklace will add charm to any dress. If your garment is too loose then use a belt in your belly to make it prominent. Choose a soft belt always. Accessories are equally important that can add grace to your baby shower dress.