Everything you need to know about Air Compressors

Marine Air Compressor

Air compressor plays an important role in the ship’s engine room which supports several other systems including the main engine. It’s used for several important purposes on ships.

Its main aim is to compress air or any other fluid in order to reduce its volume.

The air is been compressed at the first stage, then cooled and then again compressed to a higher pressure in the next stage.

Compressed air is highly beneficial for various tasks on the ship.

Furthermore, if you’re looking forward to buying air compressors in Indonesia, then you need to do a lot of research for choosing the right service provider.

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Here in this Guide, We will be Discussing some of the Things you need to know about Air Compressors:

  • Uses of Compressed Air on the Ship:

  • Air compressors can be used for starting the main engine, auxiliary engine, emergency generator and emergency fire pump.
  • For maintaining different applications on the deck side and in engine room such as chipping, drilling, buffing, pressurized water jet cleaning etc.
  • For overhauling machinery by use of pneumatic tools and a hydraulic jack.
  • For pressure testing different machinery parts, pipelines etc.
  • Compressed air is used in a lifeboat for heaving up the later.
  • For supplying water to accommodation and various parts of the ship through hydrophore by keeping the later pressurized with air.
  • For conducting aerobic breakdowns of the on-board sewage in the sewage plant.
  • Air Compressors can be used for pressurized spray painting.
  • They can be used in portable pneumatic pumps like Weldon pumps for oil, water and bilge transfer.
  • Air Compressors are used for general cleaning and services.
  • Air compressor Problems:

Compressor capacity can turn low if it’s running from quite a long time. Moreover, it can also be due to leakage in discharge and suction valves.

Oil is being carried over in the air if the oil separator isn’t working or due to auto drain malfunctioning.

Excessive vibration and noise in air compressor can be due to lack of oil in the crankcase, piston hitting the valve case, compressor holding down bolts or loose pulley.

Overheating of discharged air due to chocked or dirty intercooler tube, damage in the head gasket, chocked air suction filter, valves of 1st or 2nd stage leaking or atmosphere at air suction of compressor is hot.

Milky oil in the crankcase due to water leakage from cylinder liner, water leakage from jacket or oil running hour is over.

  • Safe and Efficient Operation of Air Compressors on Ships:

You need to check oil levels in the sump, record the amount topped up and do not overfill.

Excessive oil consumption or pressure build up in the crankcase is to be observed, investigated and corrected as soon as possible.

You need to follow planned maintenance as per the manufacturer’s manual.

Ensure to check automatic drains and unloader of air compressor for proper functioning.

Do not reverse valve plates as there is a danger of fatigue cracking.

Every relief valves to be stripped, cleaned, overhauled and are to be set at the correct pressure.

Major overhaul to be carried out as per PMS.

Air filter to be renewed every 500 hours.

Drain all air bottles regularly.

Well, the bottom line is that air compressors perform a variety of functions in the marine environment and are one of the highly used equipment.

Moreover, if you’re hunting for the best air compressor suppliers in Indonesia, then the hunt can prove out to be really daunting for you.

So, take a step ahead, get to buy high-quality air compressors and get started with your on-board journey.