The 8 Types Of Friends You Probably Have


Daily we come across to the many people. Among them some eventually become an important part of our lives. One can’t even think of life without friends. From school to college to co-operate world and even in joggers park we have specific bunch of people with whom we share a special bond called- Friendship. Presenting you the list of 8 different type of friends a person have.

1. A Loyal Best FriendCocktail-Movie-HD-WallpapersA loyal friend can be also called as non-judgmental friend who will support you no matter what. May be you don’t meet such friends regularly but  they are always on your speed dials. Even though you don’t talk them for weeks or months, the bond you share with them remains same. They bury your secrets deep in their hearts just like how information permanently disappears in a black hole according to black hole paradox. Such friends are hard to find.

2. A Fearless AdventurerzindagiThese are those types of friends who usually get into mess but also knows how to get out of it easily. These people usually have huge contacts and hence people don’t like messing up with them in general. Such people make sure that not an ant hurt their friend. Such friends introduces sneak out and night outs in your life.

3. A Friend From a Different Cultureti_725_93204329640741These are type of friend hailing from some other state and culture. Being in a cross-cultural friendship allows you to explore customs, values, and traditions outside of your own culture.

4. A Polar Opposite5a38b1424773a_student-of-the-year-2-to-feature-a-cameo-by-previous-students-alia-varun-and-sidharth-1A type of friend with whom you don’t share any common ideas, cultures, philosophies, and activities. Human usually likes to befriend with like-minded people but that even though he/she is pole apart he/she is still of your one favorite friend. You’ll have maximum number of fight with such friend over the debates of ideologies. Sometimes you even fail to explain it to yourself why he/she is your friend.

5. A Work PalPyaar-Ka-Punchnama-925616469-128653-2Work pal is not equivalent to any normal colleagues, though the journey starts from there. A work pal is more like a family at your work place, with whom you eat and discuss you day to day issue, talk about latest trends and political developments.

6. The Partier FriendVeere-Di-Wedding-stillA type of friend who is ever ready for party. Before planning any party, you take suggestion from them because you know that they always know best places to party. They add up spice your parties.

7. The parent figurenkelsrhrcy-1527800872A friend who takes care of you, understand your needs, scolds on your mistakes just like your parents. Normally you find such friends when you are staying away from family. These types of friends are called parent figure friend.

8. A Brutally Honest ConfidantF2This type of friend make us face the harsh truth of ourselves.  If you find a friend who is brutally honest with you then make sure you hold on to him/her because people like that are hard to find.

If you have more points to add into this list then write them to us in comment section below and stay tuned with us for more interesting featured stories and updates.