10 Types Of Guys That You Should Never End Up Marrying

10 Types Of Guys That You Should Never End Up Marrying

1. A man who still adores his ex.

One should not marry a man who keep professing his love for 24/7 but stills stalks his ex on social media and have all the latest updates about his ex whereabouts. Such men just pretending to be in love with you. in actual they have not moved on.

2. A relationship novice

A man who never had any other relationship other than you is a big NO. Such man have other levels of insecurities and possessiveness. You need to work a lot on him before ringing the wedding bells.

3. An abusive man

One should not marry a man who frequently gets aggressive and land up in abusive fights. Such men have lack of control on mind. They don’t think of consequences. Possibly they can be abusive with their life partner too. May be in aggression they can unintentionally hurt the significant other too.

4. A rebel

Girls feel attracted towards the bad guys. The logic behind this is our Hollywood and Bollywood. All the girls must know this that probably that bad guy won’t last forever but a gentleman will. And if you are thinking that your love and affection will change the bad guy then you should consider this point that they rebel, nothing can change them. They are born this way. You can’t program his DNA.

5. A control freak

One should not marry a man who want things to be done ONLY the way he likes it. Such men are incapable of accepting others ideas and want to control everything about the significant other.

6. A cheat

If the man has cheated on someone in his past relationship then no matter how good and loyal he is with you, you’ll never be able to trust him with whole heart because somewhere you know that he cheated on someone and can apparently cheat on you, even though if he wont.

7. The I Know More Than You

Man with such features will never accept he is wrong even if he is wrong. Marrying such guy is equivalent to participating in never ending debate competition.

8. An insecure man

Trust is an integral part of any relationship. If man is incapable of trusting anyone then one should not marry him else whole life you’ll end up giving benefits of the doubts.

9. An unambitious man

Men hailing from business families are likely to be unambitious as they know that after certain point they have to join their family business. Hence they never put lot of efforts on thinking and planning own career. An unambitious man will never understand a career oriented woman.

10. Disrespectful about women

One should never date or marry a man who thinks women is just an object of pleasure. Such man protects you like his one most expensive car and women name it such gesture as ‘LOVE’ but in reality you are nothing more than a toy to him. A man who can’t respect his mother, sister will never respect you too. Hence before zeroing on any man ask his opinion about women.

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