6 Perfect Ideas to Make Your Pet’s Birthday Memorable

Ideas to Make Your Pet's Birthday Memorable

Around 65% of the home owners of America have pets in their homes. Pets become the family member of their lives. They celebrate every moment with their pets. It is said that their day starts and ends with them. It’s your pet’s birthday; it’s a time to celebrate. Pets have no idea of it but since they will enjoy surrounding with crowd and enjoying delicious food. Normally people do celebrate it with birthday gift delivery. But if you are willing to make it a big bash, please check the birthday celebration ideas down here.

Birthday party

We always think about celebrating the birthdays of our kids. Pets are like kids so you can think about arranging a big bash for your pet. Call all your friends having pets to join in this pet’s party. From invitation card to decoration to food everything must have a unique concept. Get the cups, plates and drinks and food adorned in the theme of pet. You will get decoration supplies from super market. On the other side you can also adjust a theme your kid loves the most. So your kids can enjoy it a lot. Mostly 1st august is the given date for celebrating birthdays of stray or rescued dogs. If you know the date then it’s fine.

Bake them a Birthday Cake

Get the cake flour especially made to bake a cake for pets. Use this readymade flour and bake a cake at home. You want to bake a big cake or small cup cakes; it is a subject of choice. You can also bake some cup cakes for the pets invited to join in party. Wear him crown on head, blow candles and feel him like a king/queen of the day. Cut a cake and let your pet enjoy eat it all.

Think About Games and entertainment for the party

Play your pet’s favorite song; let your pet enjoy dancing. Tell all your friends to dress their pets nicely to arrange fashion show for pets. You must have enough space or outdoor location to arrange activities like tug-of-war, fetch races. You can get essential game supplies from super market. You can also join in with your pet to contribute and help pet to win the race.

Give gifts

How come the party complete without gifts? Go in online shopping site you will find list of gifts to give pets. Give them a stuffed toy, a bowl full with his favorite food, a new belt for neck. Put gift in front of them and take a snap shot. Help them to un-wrap gift. If they are trying to open it, let them do it, but take care they do not swallow any ribbon or plastic.

Take pictures

It’s a very precious moment of pet’s life. You can save this memory by taking good pictures. Get your pet dressed up with the costume printed with name. Also wear a nice hat specifically customized with the name. Have some nice set of belts set for your male pet. Get some nice set of jewelry for your female pet. Train them to give some poses. And you have the best time to capture nice photos of pets.

Donate to charity

Your pet is fortunate but not all the pets receive such good shelter and food. Provide some shelter and food to the stray dogs and pets. Feed them with good food and help those sick stray pets a medical treatment. Take them to veterinary hospital and donate money for their medical treatment. It is a good act of kindness to make your pet’s birthday the most memorable day of life.

Decoration, food, and games everything is set. Have you order birthday cake online, use this link to buy cake online.

When you are alone, you need hugs and kisses; pets become your best buddy. They remove boring lonesome period from your life. They have no expectation from you; they need some care and love. And in reward you get trustful relationship longs last for lifetime. So use this article to make your pet’s day. But make sure your pet is mature enough to make friendly behavior with other friend’s pets. If you want to skip this idea you can arrange a small family get together and enjoy celebrating pet’s birthday with the friendly crowd.