Vlogging – How to Do It and What Are Its Effects On Your Mind?


In 2020, you cannot deny the fact that vlogs have taken the internet by storm. Thousands of people around the world are uploading daily vlogs on their social media platforms. From YouTube to Facebook, vlogs are one of the best mediums of content available right now.

You might be wondering if you should start vlogging as well. With at least 300 hours of vlog footage being uploaded every minute to YouTube, the market is very competitive now. That’s why you might be confused, thinking if your vlogs will ever be seen or not.

Well, it totally depends on the content you put out. If your content is engaging and exciting enough, then people are surely going to notice it. So, you will need to learn the process first.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about how to do vlogging and its effects on the mind.

What Is a Vlog? How To Make One?

Vlog is the acronym for “video blog” and it is just like a normal content but everything you do or speak about in front of the camera. There are two main types of vlogs that we usually see – ‘talking-head’ video in which the camera is just on the tripod and stays steady all the time when you are talking about something.


Or you can also shoot a “follow me around” vlog where the video will be shot in a different camera that will go with the vlogger always. Once the video is shot, people use the YouTube video editor or other editing tools to make sure that the video is just ready to be uploaded. Check over here for discovering options.

Now that you know what a vlog is and the different types of vlogs you can shoot, let’s talk about how you can make one. Well, vlogging seems to be easy because you just need to hold the camera and shoot.

But, there’s more than that. You need to take care of a lot of other aspects to create a vlog that people will be genuinely interested to see.

Here are the top things to keep in mind when you are going to shoot a new vlog –

  • Content –

The content of the vlog is very important for the overall success. There are a different set of audiences for every vlogger – lifestyle, travel, food, tech, and much more. You have to create a vlog that people can relate to. There should be a good story that sets your vlog apart from others. You can be creative with your shooting style or make informative content that can be useful for your channel viewers.

  • Equipment –

When you are creating a vlog, the best thing about it is that you can do it with your phone as well. Certainly, better equipment always helps you to get better video and audio quality. But, that does not necessarily mean your content is going to get improved as well. The focus should be on the content and not on the tools that you are using in the initial days.

  • Editing –

Editing a video properly can make it more interesting and intriguing for the users. You can add different transitions and other elements to the video to make it attractive. This will help you to retain the viewership as people will be more interested to see your quirky videos the next time.

So, these are some useful tips that will help you make some amazing vlogs. Now, let’s discuss the different effects that it has on our mind in the following segment.

What Effect Does a Vlog Have On The Mind?

Mental illness or related issues are something that a lot of people are skeptical talking about. At times getting things down from your chest can help you. Similarly, vlogs have proved to have a positive impact on one’s mental state. How? Take a look at them –

1. Sharing Problems - 

You can talk about almost anything on a vlog till the time it does not violate the community guidelines. So, when you shoot a vlog, you can share your problems or discuss them with other people. This is going to help you cope with the immense pressure or stress that you might be going through.

2. Getting in Touch with Other People –

When you upload videos, you can slowly build a community of almost like-minded people over time. This helps you to come closer to people who might be feeling the same as you, and you can talk with them. You will have the feeling that they will be there for you. So, that is a positive feeling you can enjoy.

3. Feeling of Satisfaction

With the help of vlogs, you can not only entertain the people but also spread awareness about many things. People will love you for that, and that is a very satisfying feeling which you can experience at the end of the day. It is going to help you deal with the stress or anxiety you face every day.

4. Staying Busy

Creating a vlog takes time, and you are going to stay busy with it for many hours of the day. Keeping yourself busy with the things you love doing can help you feel better. It has a very positive impact on the mind and allows you to be more productive.

So, these are some of the positive impacts of shooting vlogs that you must know about. A lot of people have already experienced them, and now it is your turn to do the same right now.

Final Words 

Vlogging is undoubtedly going to get more exposure in the coming days. As more people are joining the bandwagon, you will see more vloggers in the next few years. Make sure to go through the tips that we shared about creating a vlog and create good quality content for your audience.

Also, take a look at the positive impact of vlogging on your mind. Visit videocreek.com and create good intros for the videos you are going to make.