The Journey from Good Life to Greater Life

The Journey from Good Life to Greater Life

Nowadays people are living a life with a busy schedule. Sometimes they don’t even have time for themselves and yet they call it a good life. Why? Maybe because they have grown used to it. But many other people are also living a good life and partying all the time. Everyone has a different definition of what they call good life but what exactly is good life is a question which cannot be answered so easily. Yet if we try to define a good life we can define it as follows:

A good life is the one where the person finds himself in a peaceful stage and never gets bored with what he/she is doing. Keeping himself fresh all the time and leading what his/her’s true passion is and what gives him a feeling of righteousness is what we can call a good life.

Now the question arises is it the ultimate goal of everyone? What if people do not want just a good life but a greater life? Does something like this even exist? If yes, then how is one supposed to reach this stage?

This is quite interesting and topic to discuss. And the answer to all these questions is a big YES. It has been proven scientifically that people can always achieve a greater life by following some basic rules and implying them in their day to day life.

Good life to Greater life

1. You need to be focused on your goals in life. Ups and downs should never become a moment for you to become proud or disappointed. Always remember human tendency is to evolve and thus so will you sooner and later. Reacting towards anything is the sole reason for disappointment and thus you climb one step of your successful life.

2. Most of the people live for others. They forget that it is their land their life only which they will have to live for the upcoming years. So instead of wasting your life for others follow your true passion and make a career and living out of it.

3. We have been taught from childhood that we should always be disciplined in our life. But as we grow we forget this major thing in the hustle bustle and struggles of daily life. If we are disciplined and punctual in our life there is nothing we can’t achieve.

4. Setting goals in your life is good but to set something greater is best. To achieve such goals, you will always be pushing yourself to your limits and live an interesting and adventurous life. You won’t give up on your dreams and thus lead to a greater life.

There are many other ways to achieve a greater life which includes loving peacefully and depending less on technology just like our parents and grandparents used to do. Once you follow the steps of our elders you will find the true meaning of your life and step forward into greater life.