A Family-Focused Guide to Visiting Bangkok in the Summer Months


Summer is always a popular time for families to travel. The kids are out of school and you’ll get to enjoy great summer weather in a variety of destinations around the world. If you’ve set your travel sights on the destination of Bangkok for this summer, then there is no doubt that the excitement is starting to build. Of course, when planning a family trip there are specific considerations and criteria you will want to keep in mind.

Here we’ll take a look at a family-focused guide to visiting Bangkok during the summer months.

Be Prepared for Heat and Humidity

Visiting Bangkok in the Summer

The one thing you will want to be aware of is that this is typically the hottest and most humid time of year in Bangkok. The temperature tends to sit between 26°C and 33°C but can seem much hotter with the humidity. As well, there tends to be rain daily, giving you on average about five hours of sun per day.

From a traveler’s standpoint, you will want to be sure you pack a light rain jacket, umbrella, waterproof shoes or rain boots, a hat, and bug spray.

There is No “Slow Season”

For many destinations around the world, there tends to be high and low season. What this means is that there are a lot more tourists at certain times of the year. This isn’t the case with Bangkok, as it stays pretty consistent all year round with large crowds no matter when you visit. This means you need to be prepared for crowds in terms of the attractions, dining, and shopping. Ideally, you want to do your sightseeing early in the morning when the temperatures are a little cooler and the crowds are a bit thinner.

Be Picky with Accommodations

Visiting Bangkok Summer Months

When traveling as a family, you also want to mindful of your accommodations. The tiny space that you are all crowded into is bound to lead to problems. Instead, it’s a good idea to look for more spacious accommodations or even book a couple of rooms – one for the kids and one for the adults.

Take, for example, the Jacuzzi suite Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel. This hotel is a budget-friendly option in central Bangkok, which means renting a couple of rooms probably will still work out from a cost standpoint. The rooms are huge, which means plenty of space to spread out and settle in.

Check Out the Family-Friendly Attractions

Of course, another way to keep everyone happy is to get your fill of family-friendly attractions. Some of the options available include a visit to Sea Life Ocean World, visit the many outdoor playgrounds, Safari World, Dusit Zoo, book a river or canal tour, and walking through the many markets found throughout the city.

A Trip that Is a Success for All

These tips will help you to better prepare and plan for a family trip to Bangkok this summer. That means everyone will walk away with great memories of the adventure.