Deepika Padukone To Conquer America


Deepika Padukone To Conquer America. Recently Deepika padukone was shooting for ‘PaperMagazine’. She look absolutely mesmerizing, adorable.
The verified insta of paper magazine posted the below video of deepika, captioned: “Meet@deepikapadukone: The Bollywood Mega-Star About to Conquer America. See her web-exclusive #BeautifulPeoplecover NOW on
?: @prasadnaikstudio Creative Direction by @kshitijkankaria
Stylist: @shaleenanathani Hair: @danielbauermakeupandhair
Makeup: @ANILC68 Location: dayDREAM”

Deepika Padukone wore a dress by Fendi in the exclusive cover

980xDeepika talked about her experience of working in Hollywood. “I have to admit that before I left India, I was very, very nervous about working in a new environment with a new setup and new people,” she told the magazine, “And, yes, I think the first couple of days there, it did take me a while to get used to a new environment and people I had never worked with before. But I think within a couple of days I got extremely comfortable, and I would say two things: One, I give credit to the people I’ve worked with for making me feel so comfortable and making me feel at home. And two: I’d also say [my experience was] a huge reflection of how much the Indian film industry has grown in the last couple of years, especially from a creative point of view and from a technical point of view and the professional point of view.”Deepika said in the interview.

You would never believe it It was amazing for me to see how many similarities there were between the two industries and I think that says a lot about the Indian film industry and something to feel extremely proud of,” Deepika added.

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