The Top Five Must Have Accessories For Men

The Top Five Must Have Accessories For Men

A man’ss wardrobe is always incomplete without the right accessories. Anyone with an eye for detail should know that accessories serve just as icings on a cake. They complement the overall attire of a man and add an extra dash to his personality. As the history of men’s fashion has evolved over the years, the need to be more specific to one’s aesthetics has probably taken a forefront. The trends have been varying from the bold to the bizarre. With no set rules in the fashion world these days, a man can take the liberty of trying out different combinations.  Even though the choice of accessories may differ from individual to individual based on personal tastes, but when it comes to an impeccable style statement, ground rules still exist.

Focusing on the basics, one can shortlist five top accessories that make a complete man:

Ties: Gone are the days when ties were jut worn with suits. Now you can easily match a tie with your favorite shirt too. You can go ahead and experiment with myriads of colors and patterns to suit your persona. Right from the bright summer colors, the formal striped or dotted or even floral prints, there is no end to the mixes and matches you can make. The only thing to remember is that the length of your tie should not be below the waist.

Shades: Your eyes are delicate. Hence it’s suggested that you go for sunglasses/shades that provide ultra violet protection instead of sporty ones even if they cost you a few more extra bucks. Picking one that goes well with both casual and elegant attire is a good option.

Belts: A good leather belt is a must have for every gentleman. Nothing can match the class of genuine leather. Such belts last longer and are worth the money you spend on them. One with plain brass or silver buckles is the best choice to impart that classic touch. Woven or jute belts are more suitable for casual occasions.

Shoes: Time and again we have heard that the color of your belt should always match with your shoes. It’s not a mere clich but the truth. But then you don’t always have to go for the perfect match. For example, if you have a brown pair of shoes then you can match them with slightly lighter shades like beige. However there should not be a high degree of contrast between the two would make it an awkward sight. Oxfords make a good formal choice for footwear. You can try converse, moccasins and loafers with denims.

Wallet: You can either choose a sporty or classic design for wallets. The former are trendier and also less expensive. The leather wallets are generally bigger in size and may not fit into your back pocket. Bi-fold wallets are a more popular choice than tri-fold ones which take more space.

Jewelry: Evan, long-time bracelet designer and founder of says that men wearing jewellery is growing to become a trend. They are ditching the bulky timepieces for the more subtle and sleek bracelets, which you can easily find on A man can wear precious metal bracelets to a formal event to complete his look, or sport a leather cuff while hanging with his friends at a bar or even wear a beaded bracelet or anklet when he feels like chilling on the beach.