Quick Makeover Tips When You Are Running Out Of Time

Quick Makeover Tips When You Are Running Out Of Time

Getting ready for a party when time is getting out of your hands, is a challenge everybody must have faced in today’s fast crazy world. Short notice invitation is one of the few scenarios. If you want to make your own style statement without visiting beauty parlor due to time constraint, by following few essentials you can get yourself a relaxed and gorgeous makeover in few minutes.


First thing first, take shower if possible to get refreshed.  But if you are not having an extra minute to spare then wash your face to remove dust and excess oil with a mild soap. No makeup can hide the dullness of an un-cleaned face. You may apply a face mask that really makes a difference. For having supple and soft skin texture face mask provides a less time consuming alternative. Herbal or mud mask are few of the options one may opt at the occasions that demand quick heals.


Get rid of the dirty hair instantly. Washed and blow dried hair adds appeal to whatever you wear. Unkempt and unclean hair mars the charm of your personality.  If you have long hair, tie them into a ponytail. Neatly done ponytail looks elegant regardless the occasion. You may leave open your hair if they are short in length.

Face Makeup

Try to emphasize your best assets. Keep everything simple. Natural looking makeup brings comfort and confidence. Accentuate each feature keeping in mind the mood of the event.  After cleansing apply the foundation base. Mix few drops of foundation with some water and then apply it to your face. By doing this, foundation spread uniformly and it will not leave streaks after getting dried up. Hide acne marks or any kind of blemish by using quality concealer. Concealer blends well with the foundation and makes your complexion smooth and glowing.

Eye Styling

Properly kohled eyes always attract attention. With good eyeliner highlight your eyes to get a bold and beautiful look. Smoky eyes are very much in fashion these days.

Lip Color

Do not neglect your lips. Give your lips a neat finish by using matte shades.  Enhance your delicate spots and let them define you irrespective the small time you spent to make your looks healthier and beautiful.


Smelling good is one of the major concern that must be taken care of. Sprinkle your wrists, neck, and behind of the ear with nice perfume. Pleasant order keeps your senses calm. One may avoid the embarrassment by getting all sweaty and smelly.

Wardrobe and Footwear

A clean properly fitted outfit and comfortable shoes is the last thing on the list you need to get a gorgeous and confident appearance. By putting together all the above mentioned fixes, you can get the polished and impressive looks for any event when every moment is precious.