Some Portable Health Gadgets that can Change your Life

Some Portable Health Gadgets that can Change your Life

Taking care of your health is something you can never give up on. With the improvement of technology, we are benefited from several health gadgets that have turned our lives upside down. These gadgets have worked as a boon for millions of people. If you are looking for some of such gadgets, you have landed at the right place. This article will guide you to the information that you need about these amazing wonders of technology.

• Smart self-Cleaning Water Bottle: There are tons of reusable water bottles in the market with certain benefits. But none of them compares to this because it is the first self-cleaning water bottle. It uses UV-C LED light and the exquisite stainless steel it purifies your drinking water in sixty seconds. Additionally, it cleans itself in two hours or anytime you click the button. There are a lot of technology updates in this bottle which ensures easy usage. A rechargeable battery operates the purification system. The double-wall insulation ensures that the beverages stay cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

• Health-Oriented Smartwatch: These watches are the most advanced fitness watch hybrid to date. They are designed to track heartbeat irregularities, measure blood oxygen saturation levels during sleep, and much more while retaining primary health and fitness tracking capabilities. It can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, and its timepiece would send all of the activity information to the accompanying Health Mate iOS or Android App.

• Wireless Smart Glucometer: This is designed to measure your blood glucose level and then display it on your phone screen. This health gadget features a sleek and portable design. It is compatible with all Apple devices. The iHealth smart-gluco app ensures that all the measurement histories are stored safe and shared with your doctor. Additionally, this glucometer comes with a kit that includes ten lancets, a lancing device, ten testing strips, a carry bag, and a control solution.

• Smart Temporal Thermometer: This health gadget is designed to measure your body temperature more efficiently than ever. All you need to do is touch the device on your temple, press a button, and wait for two seconds until your body temperature appears on the LED screen. This smart temporal thermometer uses sixteen infrared sensors that can collect around 4000 temperature readings in two seconds. You can track the temperature readings on your phone once you connect the device via WiFi or Bluetooth. It will also assist you with health advice based on symptoms, age, and your fever history.

• Portable Metabolism Tracker: This is the world’s first portable device designed to measure the body’s metabolism. It is equipped with a CO2 sensor and flow meter, which measures the carbon-di-oxide level in your breath to determine if the source of your body’s fuel is fats or carbohydrates. After that, it provides nutrition recommendations in response.


• Sanitizing Travel Wand: When sanitizing, everything has become necessary; carrying a wand that emits UV light and kills all the germs has become essential. You can use the same to sanitize your phone, keys, bag, and even currency. These are the things that are mainly used outside and are touched a lot. Thus keeping ourselves on the safe side by utilizing this wand, one can quickly kill all the germs and carry this wand anywhere one wants without any problem of handling it.

• Brain-Sensing Headband: We all undergo stress and anxiety because of our improper lifestyle. We cannot give time to ourselves and proper rest to the body, which this band helps you with. It is connected to your smartphones and provides your brain information on the smartphone itself. It becomes a proper sleep-tracker, and thus one can keep themselves scheduled for things and lead a healthy life.

• Portable Air Purifier: The air in the outside world has become polluted. It has become necessary for people to keep the air of their place purified. This helps maintain your body healthy and ensures that you do not get sick just because of inhaling polluted air. One can now carry a portable air purifier with himself, which has the capacity of providing pure air for up to 8 hours a day. Thus you can easily keep the air around you purified and always inhale pure air.

• Personal EKG: Keeping track of your heart is necessary. One who has a heart problem would have to run to the hospital and get expensive tests done now and then. But with the help of this gadget now, you need not go anywhere. By simply putting your hands on the compact machine, you can get your heart rate information anytime on your smartphone. You can carry this machine with you anywhere, and thus rest assured about not running to any hospital again for EKG purposes.

There are needs in everyone’s life where portable health gadgets are coming in handy. They help in easy and healthy living and help save a lot of time and money and keep a record of your health. To this, many gadgets have come forward which can be carried along anywhere and thus one can use them anywhere one wants. With such advanced health gadgets, life has been pretty much more manageable. Therefore make sure that you seek benefits from them!