Skills to Earn Money Abroad

Earn Money Abroad

When you travel to a different country, you may need to get a suitable source of income to keep you going. People usually have the belief that you need to be rich to get abroad, which is not necessarily true. If you are a passionate traveller, you can get elsewhere and continue to work even as you travel in order to finance your journeys. In this way, you will be able to go as much as you want since your income will not run out and this will probably be the best kind of travel.

The only question is, how can you make money abroad to afford all these travels?

The answer to this is to find a good job that can allow you to work as you travel!

As a big fan of online vlogs, I have realized that it is not very easy to spend your life jumping from country to country if you know exactly what to do. It will be challenging to afford these travels if you cannot get some king of work. Life abroad is even more difficult if you are not working since you will also need to pay for your bed daily. This in mind, you honestly need to get some excellent skills to survive abroad since you will need a good source of income which is hard to find unless you have some relevant skillset.

The beauty of life on the move is that any skill can be taught and learned, and you will need to focus on learning that skill. Let’s look at some of the skills that you can use to earn money abroad.

  1. Online writing

Writing online is a great way to start if you have the required level of writing skills that can make you money. The good thing about this kind of job is that you will be able to work anywhere as long as you have a good laptop and a working internet connection. In this field, your choices of whom you work for and the kind of work that you do will only be limited by the skills that you possess. Some examples of the tasks that you can do to earn some money when abroad include, academic writing, blog writing, product descriptions, article writing, etc. This would be a perfect opportunity for you since you can do it as you travel and as a freelancer, no one will really dictate the hours that you need to work.

If you are lucky enough, you will find a good company that will offer you work at a reasonable rate. One good example of such a company is Peachy Essay. This is a company that mainly focusses on offering academic help to students from all over the globe. If you are a good writer and you have vast experience completing mainly academic tasks, this would be a great find for you, but you would need to show sharp and flawless academic writing skills to get in.

  1. Tour Escorts

Since you have been travelling a lot, you have probably gained the experience to lead other groups of travellers on different trips around the countries that you have been to and more. This is a great opportunity since big tour companies will always be on the lookout for your services. If you have the capacity to commit yourself to these companies for a couple of years, they will willingly pay you some good money to lead individuals that book travel services through them. One of the significant perks of committing yourself to do this kind of work is that the companies will offer free travel and accommodation meaning that you will be able to save some right amount of the money that you earn which you can later use to finance your travels.

  1. Tutoring

Since you already developed some kind of skills over the years, for example, proficiency in the English language, you can earn some money when abroad through online tutoring. This is a great skill that many people will pay for, and you will not need to be there physically to tutor. Although it will no really pay millions, you will be able to sustain your stay abroad, and you will also be able to finance any future travels. Depending on the skill that you possess and what you tutor, your rates may vary. This may also depend on the level at which you tutor. It is, however, a great way since you will not be restricted to one location.

  1. Video Vlogging


This is one of the most appreciated forms of making money when abroad. If you have the right skills and a good camera, you can make videos of all the places that you visit and the extraordinary things that can be found in such areas. If your channel is not very famous, you may not make much, but it is all a matter of time. Famous, you tubers like Mark Wiens, started small and now make quite a lot of money travelling around the world. This is because advertisers will pay handsomely if they can advertise on your channel. The higher the number of viewers that you get, the higher the income that you will earn. In some instances, some of the hotels and restaurants that you visit abroad will also offer some free meal and accommodation if you can feature them in your videos. This is a fun way to earn and travel if you have the right skills, and I am quite confident that you will have a great time.