A Guide to Cleaning Your Revolver (and All Your Revolver Parts)

A Guide to Cleaning Your Revolver

You clean your car to keep the interior looking new as long as possible. You even vacuum floors to keep your carpet in top shape. So, it only makes sense that you should clean your revolver regularly to maintain it as well.

Cleaning your revolver and all of the revolver parts is an integral part of gun ownership. It not only helps maintain its value, but it also helps keep your firearm in excellent working condition.

How to Clean Your Gun

  • Safety first. The first step to cleaning your revolver is making sure it is not loaded. Remove the ammunition before you get to work. If you took your gun out of a gun safe to clean it, ensure the safe is locked again while you work.

Tip: You can use a sock to cover the rear chamber while you clean it. Though not required, many gun owners do this to prevent cleaning brushes from damaging the revolver.

  • Gather your supplies. Next, you’ll need to gather your cleaning supplies. You can purchase all your cleaning supplies in a cleaning kit, or buy supplies yourself. To clean your revolver, you will need:
  1. Gun solvent
  2. Gun oil
  3. A bore brush
  4. Gun patches
  5. Cleaning cloths
  • Prepare your workspace. Cleaning your revolver or any firearm can get messy. If you are working on an area that you don’t want to get stained, be sure to lay down newspaper or a cloth to prevent your cleaning materials from leaving stains if and when they spill.
  • Clean the muzzle and barrel. Now, you are ready to start cleaning the revolver. Dip your brush into the solvent and insert the brush into the muzzle of your gun. It will twist naturally as you push the brush in. Be sure you use a gentle hand during this process. Then, clean out the barrel using your brush and a cleaning (gun) patch.
  • Move onto the cylinder and extractor. Next up is the cylinder and extractor. You can clean these with the same brush you used on the muzzle. Be sure to clean both the inside and the outside and use gun patches to help dry it.
  • Oil the gun. Gun oil helps keep your revolver in good shape. Put some oil on a cloth and wipe down the metal parts. You should not put oil on:
  1. The grips
  2. Inside the barrels
  3. Inside the cylinders

Be sure you also don’t over-oil as this can lead to a build of dirt and leak into areas it shouldn’t leak, thus impacting the gun’s performance.

  • Put the gun away. Once you have finished cleaning all your revolver parts, put the gun away in a safe place. This keeps it out of reach of people.
  • Pack up. Put the lids on all your bottles and pack up your materials. Be sure to keep everything together so you can easily grab it all the next time you are ready to clean your revolver. Make sure you properly dispose of the rags with oil on them.

Safety Tips

Safety is paramount anytime you handle a gun, but especially a revolver as they don’t have a safety. Be cautious when handling your gun, and do not touch the trigger unless you are ready to fire the weapon. You also should not point it at anyone, even if it is not loaded.

Lastly, don’t clean your revolver while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can impair your judgment and can lead to accidents or a damaged revolver.