The phase of recovery associated with heart surgery


The start phase of heart surgery recovery could be in the region of 6 to 8 weeks. The moment you are discharged from the best heart hospital in India you are going to avail a set of instructions in terms of post-operative care. It is going to make you physically well, and you are going to feel better

Wound Care

The cut that the surgeon has made needs to be clean and dry. Ideally you should be able to take a bath or a shower within a few days. Just get in touch with your doctor if you are replicating any signs of infection and that includes

  • Oozing or drainage more than the usual self
  • The edges tends to pull apart
  • Warmth or redness around the region of the cut
  • If the fever appears to be greater than 100 degree Celsius

The phase of recovery associated with heart surgery

Just get in touch with your doctor if your breastbone is known to shift, if it pops or cracks on the move.

Pain Relief

The doctor is going to prescribe pain medicines before you head home from the hospital. There is going to be a degree of discomfort along the muscles or the cut which means numbness, tightness or itching around the area of your incision. But it should go on to hurt you a lot once the surgery is done.

If you have been part of a bypass the legs are going to hurt you more than the chest and this is if the surgeon uses leg veins as grafts. The stiffness or soreness is going to fade over due course of time. In this regard gentle exercise would be also of help.

Driving and Activity

In the first few weeks gradually build up on the activity levels in the form of household work. Doctors are of the opinion

  • You should not stand in a place for more than 15 minutes at a single go
  • Do not go on to lift weights that is more than 10 pounds
  • Do not push or lift heavy things

Walk each and every day. Do follow the guidelines that the surgeon has gone on to prescribe. Till the point you have been instructed do not climb stairs. The doctor is going to guide you on when you can start driving again. In most cases this is a month or so after a surgery. It could be also sooner if the surgeon did undertake the surgery with a small cut. No more need to wait and ride likes a passenger.


Diet choices have a considerable role in the process of healing. The doctor is going to guide you if you need to have or stop having certain things. You are not going to feel like eating once a surgery is over. Instead opt for smaller and lighter meals. If the appetite does not restore within a few weeks, it is better to discuss with your doctor.

Wellbeing at an Emotional Level

After a heart surgery, it is expected that you will be cold or hot. Hold on! All these feelings are going to fade on their own once the surgery is over. If they are not you might have to discuss with your doctor. In order to ensure that the spirits are high do follow the below tips

  • Walk on a daily basis
  • Keep yourself well-dressed on all counts
  • Increase your social circle and pick up some hobbies to help you being engaged
  • It would be always better if you have a shoulder to lean on. Do share your feelings with another person
  • There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep

For 15 minutes at the most you might have to limit your activities. Once you are going to feel stronger and less tired do spend more time with your near and dear ones. Do join a cardiac support group for a speedy recovery.

Rest Along with Sleep

Once a heart surgery is over you might face difficulty to get some sleep. You are expected to get back to a normal sleep pattern and this would be within a few months. If the pain arises you might have to opt for medication at least one hour before going to sleep. Do arrange the pillows properly so that you are in a comfortable position to sleep. After activity you might need to rest, but do ensure that you do not take a lot of naps during the day. During the time of evening keep away from caffeine, chocolate, sodas along with tea.

Do set up a bedtime routine and when you sleep it is better to listen to soothing music. The body is going to have definite cues that it would be the right time to sleep. Do get in touch with your doctor if you are facing any issues with the sleep.

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