Just-in-Time Tips for Students Who’ve Got Traveling BUG!

Just-in-Time Tips for Students Who’ve Got Traveling BUG!

What a good idea to start traveling in your early twentieth! Being a student, you have many opportunities to travel for cheap. It can be a student exchange program, volunteering, or summer camp training. There is always a chance to go abroad in your early age. What is more, traveling is an important part of your student life and education. That’s why young people should catch the moment and take any chances for traveling. If you have a driving license, thing will go better. Orlando airport Enterprise gives you an opportunity to plan a road trip together with your friends and nobody can stop you!



Traveling can be a big challenge, but there are many people, programs, gadgets which are always ready to help. Here are the useful tips for students who can’t wait to spend some time abroad.

  1. Get your ID

Everyone knows you need your passport to go abroad. Don’t forget your student ID. It’s not about your native university’s ID. It is useless for the international traveling. It’s rather about an International student ID. Why do you need it? You have a chance to get the discounts for everything: museums, city transport, hostels, different excursions.

  1. Don’t think about money too much

Of course, you need money for traveling. So many good things you meet on the way comes at a price. But traveling abroad can be cheaper than you think. First of all, you can join the student exchange program and travel for free. You don’t need money for living and transportation. It’s a good opportunity to learn the new country, the language, living habits. One year is enough to become a successful student. If so, you are always at a top to travel somewhere at the suggestion of your university the next time. Secondly, how about becoming a camp counselor? This is also a sure way to look over the way you spend your budget.

Go to study abroad

  1. Go to study abroad

Do you control your education? How is it possible? Simply, you can decide what to learn, where, and when. The same is about traveling. You can decide where to travel and how much time it takes. Don’t limit yourself! There are lot of options to travel where you want and study abroad. Cultural exchange, student exchange is available. Of course, you meet different requirements. Universities prefer successful, creative and responsible students to join their exchange programs. If you cannot participate in this for any reason, you, again, cat take a year off to spend some time for traveling.

Talk to people who already traveled

  1. Talk to people who already traveled

Having doubts about where to go and what to expect, just try to find students who already had their travel experience. How to find them? Just go online or use the university’s social media or traveling platforms to get in touch with someone who had spent time abroad. Also, you can contact to the study abroad departments at university you want to study in future. They are happy to share all necessary information and always contact with their students or even exchange students. Try to find as much information as you can before to take the plunge. Different people may have different experience. Nevertheless, it can be really useful to talk to students who’ve gone through it before.

  1. Plan how long you stay

Are you planning to go to study abroad for summer or semester? The practice shows that you need more time than you think. First of all, you need some time to settle and learn the new rules you have to live by. Time flies quickly. It takes more than a month or two to try your new life abroad. Anyway, if you want to come back earlier, you can return tickets.

Make friends abroad

  1. Make friends abroad

It is so great that you have many friends. But it would be great if you could find the new friends abroad. How? Just try to be friendly with others. Talk to people, ask for their opinion, give advices, go for coffee and make them your friends at last. Locals can tell you much about their traditions, language.

  1. Don’t forget your gadgets

Of course, talking to people is very helpful but you may need your gadgets. It is always necessary to be ready to meet different life situations. You may be lost in a new city. You may need to translate a sentence or find the nearest cafe on a new location. You need your smartphone and many useful apps on it. Of course, you don’t need all the devices you have at home. Your smartphone, earphones, and a backpack are enough for the traveling student.

How old is enough to start traveling? If you have a passport and a student ID you may start right now! Follow the simple rules to make sure that student traveling is real. Don’t count your money, just count your opportunities.