Benefits of Triphala Tablets for Digestion Problems

Benefits of Triphala Tablets for Digestion Problems

Digestive issues are very common amongst men and women these days. This can be attributed to the poor quality of food that we consume full of preservatives, refined oils, and chemical-laced spices. The sedentary lifestyle and the lack of nutritious food are also factors that cause indigestion, constipation, heartburn, etc in some people and dysentery and irritability in the bowel in some other people.

Ayurveda offers some of the best solutions in the form of herbs that can be consumed to rectify these disorders. Triphala tablet is one of the miraculous herbs that helps in controlling the digestive fire and clearing any digestive issues.

Ayurvedic digestive tablets such as Triphala tablets for constipation are extremely safe and have minimal to no side effects on humans. They are 100% plant-derived and are usually hand-made with ayurvedic recipes that date back to centuries ago in India.

Doshas in the Human Body

There are three doshas in the human body that help in characterizing and distinguishing one body type from another. Pitta dosha is indicative of heat in the body. For such body types, spices and oils must be avoided and foods that balance the heat must be consumed such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and water-based fruits and vegetables.

Pitta dosha body types tend to be hot on a normal day and can develop dysentery and food allergies. They have a good metabolism and good circulation but are prone to acne and inflammation due to the heat of the body.

Vata dosha is indicative of a cold body with a lack of warmth. Such people must avoid cold-based foods such as cold drinks, water-based fruits, etc.

The inclusion of warm foods and fat-soluble vitamins in dairy products is recommended. Vata dosha body types are usually slim with good energy. They tend to have sensitivity to cold weather and food and are prone to fall sick often. They are also candidates for slow digestion and gas.

Kapha dosha is a dominant trait that has heavy body types with a sluggish metabolism. They must avoid cold-based foods and this body type requires light and warm food to induce better metabolism. Kapha dosha body types are prone to weight gain, have a slow metabolism, and need regular sleep, exercise, and a light food routine.

Triphala for Dosha Correction

Triphala is an ayurvedic medicine made from the fruits of three important ayurvedic herbs – Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. All three of them combined have a potent formula that is known to have a restorative and rejuvenating effect on the body.

Triphala is available in the form of Triphala tablets, powders, and capsules that can be consumed by patients after referring to an ayurvedic practitioner. It is a safe natural laxative and energizer that helps in managing the digestive fire.

It can correct many issues in the body such as:

● Slow metabolism
● Diarrhea and dysentery issues
● Constipation
● Heartburn
● Gas or flatulence
● Removing toxins from the digestion process
● Purifies the blood
● Promotes rejuvenation in the body
● Promotes longevity
● Helps with acne and inflammation of the skin
● Aids in weight loss

These are some of the known benefits of Triphala. The benefits are not restricted to only these as there are so many kinds of benefits that it is hard to list down all of them. Triphala is truly a masterpiece of ayurvedic medicine and provides relief from gastrointestinal issues and metabolic issues in the body.