Guide to Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney

If you live in the state of Reno, Nevada, you may find yourself in an unfortunate auto accident. They’re not uncommon, and a lot of times they’re not even your fault. However, they still happen. Being in one can actually affect you in ways that people wouldn’t fathom, even psychologically or physically. Not only that, but it can cause you financial stress and distress, or even emotional distress (people get disorders like PTSD from auto accidents, whether they’re the victim or the person who caused the accident).

In Nevada, there are a certain number of accidents that happen because of select reasons. The most common reasons that automobile accidents usually happen is by distracted driving, by speeding, drunk and reckless driving, common weather accidents (this happens a lot when it rains as people aren’t used to driving in it), as well as defects in your vehicle.

Car Accident Attorney

Why Do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer for My Insurance Claim?

Well, unfortunately, while insurance agencies are more than happy to take your money, they’re never happy when it comes to having to pay you money when it comes time to collect. Therefore, an insurance company can actually give you what they call a bad faith denial of your benefits, causing you to have to resort to legal matters being brought up. For this though, you need a lawyer who’s bound and determined to get your claim processed, and settled, but give you the benefits that you deserve.

Are All Lawyers the Same?

Unfortunately, some lawyers are experts at getting things done, but they do so in their own benefit. Therefore, you’ll end up getting less on your settlement than you deserve, and sometimes they won’t even win the case for you. You don’t want this to happen when you have so much.

For example, if your car may have only been Blue Booked at two thousand dollars, and there is an assessed 25,000 dollars’ worth of damage totaling it out, you should be entitled for the damage, emotional trauma, physical trauma (hospital bills), and more. Many insurance companies don’t want to pay this, and if your lawyer only ends up getting you the value of your vehicle, then they weren’t looking out for your best interest.

Having Connections is Important

When it comes to having the best lawyers, you may be referred to their chiropractors, doctors, engineers, and auditors. The best lawyers have all sorts of connections like this so they can get you that maximum claim from your insurance company.


You want to get the most out of your insurance claim, especially if you’re in an auto accident. At Matt Dion and Associates, LLC (found online at, you can get a truly honest lawyer who doesn’t sugarcoat things, and works to get you the best they can. They have all the connections you need from certified professionals to get the most for you, and can even help get you the support you need to recover properly from your automobile accident, no matter whether you’re the victim or not.