Faster Way to Get Six Packs

Faster Way to Get Six Packs

A six pack body is every guy’s dream. It makes them attractive and desirable at the same time. It requires dedication and patience to get six packs and normally it takes nearly 6 months time to develop six pack. It is not that easy to get the six packs, it is a slow process, but if you work hard you can achieve it within less than 6 months. Some dietary changes and exercise to be followed to get six pack fast.

Burn Stomach Fats

Joining a gym and getting into abdominal exercise is not enough to get six pack, it alone cannot give you better results. Though these exercises are necessary to get an attractive body,  yet if you have too fats deposited on your stomach, abs-toning exercises simply will not help you to get six packs. Body fat covers muscle tone, your muscles will not show to others, even if you develop some amount of it. So burning your fats will be the first thing you need to do, it will show how toned your abs is. Take up an aerobic activity like walking, swimming, jogging and cycling- they are an excellent way to burn the extra calories. You need to keep in mind that your heart rate should be in an elevated state for nearly 30 minutes, only then it will help your body to burn fats. Do the exercises for minimum 20 minutes, your body will start burning fat automatically.

Take Low Diet Food

Introduce some changes in your diet. Start taking low fat diets. Low diet food will help your body to burn fats which will reveal your muscles in your stomach. A higher amount of protein will help building new muscle tissues. So, increase your intake of protein. Fats and carbohydrates give us energy, since you are on a mission to cut short your fats, you will need extra carbohydrates to get energy. But do not consume sugar too much to get that extra carbohydrates, they will get converted into fats and you may get diabetes. Instead of that, take another form of carbohydrates like pasta and whole grain bread to get energy. These will give you healthy calories and you will not crave for any unhealthy item.

Tone Your abs with Crunches

Get into crunch, which is the most common abdominal exercises. It keeps your upper abdomen in proper shape. Similarly Reverse crunches help to tone the lower abdomen. Bicycle crunches help to shape the external oblique muscles. Perform these exercises lying on the floor, keeping your knees bent and let your feet keep on the ground. Then keep your hands behind your head and let your shoulders touching the pelvis. Do it continuously for some minutes until your abs fully get contracted. Similarly you can perform a reverse crunch. For that, lie on the floor and keep your legs straight in the air. Put your hands near your hips to maintain the balance. Let your abdominal muscles to keep your pelvis upward while your legs being in the air.