How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

best walking shoes for Flat Feet

Human beings were not born to be perfect. That’s why a lot of individuals have imperfections. Some people have physical abnormalities and deformations. While some just have problems with their body parts, such as feet, which really makes them uncomfortable or have difficulty in buying a pair of shoes.

When you have a problem with your feet, this will surely be a headache because you cannot always buy the shoe that you have been dreaming of.

Look at the case of individuals with a flat foot. If you are one of them, then you must be having a hard time, finding a pair of walking shoes that will fit you, right? Well, if you find this as a dilemma, then that will surely be the case. Now, what you need to know is to understand about your feet’s condition. And then, learn how you can find the best walking shoes for Flat Feet. Through this, your feet issues and concerns will be given clarity.

What is a Flat Foot?

flat foot shoes

A flat foot or a pes planus is a foot condition, where the foot is deformed. Because of this deformity, the arch of your foot was flattened on the ground. That is why some people called it as fallen arches. For some people, they do not feel pain at all with this condition. While others may feel discomfort or pain, depending on their daily activities or routine.

You may acquire a flat foot after experiencing some injuries, fractures or damaged muscles as well as ruptured tendons. It is also possible to have this foot condition, when you have significant or too much weight. It is also possible to suffer from this kind of foot deformity because of prolonged running, jumping and walking. Another thing, when you are wearing a pair of shoes with poor arch support. Lastly, it is also possible to happen due to your health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cerebral palsy or stroke.

As a treatment, you have to consult your doctor. He may ask you to use ice compression to reduce pain and swelling of the arch or foot. It is also required to rest your feet and take pain relievers. If possible, you may also do simple or light stretching like foot gymnastics. But, when this usually happens, then it would be ideal for you to buy a walking shoes for your foot condition.

Factors to consider when choosing the best walking shoes for Flat Feet

  • Support Reinforcement

An individual with a mild condition may just need to use a pair of walking shoes with the right arch support as well as a firm heel counter. Do not simply buy these shoes, you need to try it and make sure that you will comfortable with it. You also check the quality of the shoes and make sure standards are met. And then, you may also use arch support insoles for augmentation, especially if you are using casual shoes.

  • Orthopedic Shoes

It is also ideal to use orthopedic shoes. But, can you manage the firmness of this shoe because it is designed with a hard heel counter and so with the steel shank. So, if you think like you cannot manage the firmness, then you may choose a different option. You should not use something that may give you discomfort because of your foot deformity.

  • Stability

When you are walking or running, there is a tendency for you to push your ankles inward. This will surely strain your knees, feet and ankles, which may lead to injuries. So, why don’t you find a walking shoe with substantial cushioning to lessen the risk of getting injured, right? Through the cushioning, you pronation will be controlled. Anyway, you also have a reinforcing arch support insole, which is good when you can’t tolerate the shoe with a motion control feature.

  • Motion Control

It would be ideal to have added motion control feature to the walking shoes, especially if your flat foot condition comes with severe pronation. This feature will also provide you more support as well as control. This one is also designed to keep your ankles straight while you are moving. Another great thing is the added foam to the below the arch part of the shoe. Do not overdo the motion control because you may find it restrictive and may sometimes be difficult for you to make adjustments.

  • Arch Support

Some are recommended to use sandals with arch support. If you are going to use this, then you cannot really get enough support because a sandal has a different structure compared to a shoe. You may use this only for a short period of time. But, if you plan to use for walking and for a longer period of time, then you really need to get a pair of walking shoes with the best arch support.