Why Pure CBD Tinctures Are the Best Amongst Other CBD Products


There are two primary different applications that are the most popularly marketed and sold. There are CBD oil and CBD tinctures. While many believe they’re the same thing, there are actually key attributes to each one of them that makes them different, so in this guide we’re going to explain what those differences are, so you’ll know what to look for and what to buy. Hopefully this guide will help ease the confusion.

CBD Oils

CBD oils are made purely of CBD (cannabidiol) and they’re the most important cannabinoids that are derived from hemp. At the same time, there are numerous health benefits of CBD itself. When you use CBD in an oil that’s consumed orally, often without coconut oil, hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, or other carrier oils. This form of CBD is considered to be a CBD oil, because you’re getting pure CBD. Why? Because the oils are all CBD-based.

So How is a CBD Tincture Different?


While some tinctures can be considered to be edible and taken orally, there are other forms of tinctures like lotions, topical ointments, and more. Tinctures taken orally are normally taken under your tongue just the same. They’re usually mixed with carrier oils, like the ones we mentioned above in order to help make them more potent. The main difference is that tinctures always have other ingredients than just CBD oil. They’re designed to help maximize the way CBD absorbs in your body more and have many more uses than just plain CBD itself.

Which is Better?

In a sense, it depends on your needs. If you’re taking it for chronic pain, it’s been shown that you may want to take a full spectrum CBD oil, or just pure CBD isolate over a tincture, as you may end up getting numerous health benefits from both, but you don’t absolutely need the benefits that you get from the tincture. If you’re taking it for something else, then you may need to add that to your list of supplementing by having additional ingredients for carriers, like grape seed extract or hemp seed oil, which is great for your skin.

That being said, there are sometimes drawbacks to just taking pure CBD oil, and some drawbacks from tinctures as well. If you are going to have to take a high dose of CBD in order to ease pain or help relieve yourself form epilepsy, then may want to avoid certain carrier oils like coconut oil, which in high doses can cause nausea or even diarrhea.


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