Advantages Of Using a VPN

Advantages Of Using a VPN

Nowadays we are so used to internet in our day to day life like browsing, surfing, paying bills etc. But many of us are unaware that doing this from a public network always increases risk of being compromised and ripe target for hackers. Thanks to the latest technology called Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN the name itself suggest of its robust encryption protocol. It is one of its kind where our privacy is restored and ISPs cannot see our logs.

1: No limitations!: VPN is also very essential tool where the governments have restricted communication to some sites. By using VPN services we can bypass this restrictions and freely surf or communicate with such sites.

2: Safe surfing: Many places have often free WIFI which we are able to access without any fuss, but doing so we are inviting unknowingly phishing scams or fake WIFI connections which may hack your private information and commit frauds. A VPN can be used to protect you from such attacks.

3: Secure Personal Information: Most of the android games ask you for credit/debit card information for online In-app purchases. Such information is very vulnerable and VPN allows you to keep it secure from getting robbed.

4: Safe Transactions: We rarely go to banks for transactions as we are forced to use internet banking due to our office timings and busy schedule. Use of HTTPS connections are secure as it is a direct link between you and the website. But your ISP is still visible to the website and hence VPN allows you to hide your ISP and transact safely.

5: Keep your messages private: Majority of us use cross platform messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype for interaction and sharing private messages. All of these platforms may not have a secure encryption which may leak your private messages publicly. Using VPN can help you keeping this information secured and private.

6: Secured Browsing: We often use search engine for every small thing or to see information of products we wish to have in our future near. The search engine then have these data and modifies it into ads which popup on every page we surf and never it lets you forget that you made a mistake of thinking of it. Using VPN restricts these search engines to track this info and your privacy is reclaimed. Without a VPN, users are literally tracked in just about everything they do online.

7: Use data remotely without any fear!: Organizations give their employees grants permission remotely to access its data from anywhere around the world. There is always a threat that the confidential data may be leaked or misused. Here the need of VPN is essential to access company data remotely. The organization main server has the right to restrict information relevant to that company and therefore they’ll want to be protected when their employees are accessing work remotely.

Today there is a need to have a VPN just to assure you that every private thing remains private. We can securely use our Gmail, social media sites, cross platform messaging services and voice over internet protocol. VPN enables us to add an extra layer of security to your information for your friends, customers, your reputation, and your financial interests. Those hackers won’t waste their time trying to break through and will seek easier prey elsewhere!

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