5 Tips for Choosing The Right Sports Bra

5 Tips for Choosing The Right Sports Bra

Choosing undergarments should not be any lesser task. You will be spoilt with choices when you start your hunt to buy the right sports bra. You can even buy sports bra online to explore a wide range of options. It is an excellent piece of clothing to wear during a workout session or while meditating. To buy sports bra, you need to keep in mind a few things, such as the size, the fitting, style, etc. So, to help you out, we have listed below five tips to consider while buying a sports bra.

  1. Pick The Right Size

Finding the right size is a crucial factor to consider while you buy sports bra. You should know your appropriate measurements to get the perfect fit and support. If you are not sure of it, you can measure it yourself, ask for a size chart at the shop you are purchasing, or use a bra size calculator when buying from an online store.

2. Impact Of The Bra

You  what your expectations are from the undergarment. Deciding will help you understand whether you want a high, medium, or low impact sports bra. If you need it for your yoga sessions, then low to medium impact ones will work just fine. If you want to wear it during your intense cardio, you should go with the high impact bras.

3. Mind The fabric

When you buy sports bra, it will be wise to give equal importance to the fabric of the undergarment. As you will wear them while you sweat it out, it will help if the brassiere is made with such a material that absorbs sweat, thus reducing the chances of chafing. It would also be best if you went for the seamless to eliminate the possibilities of skin irritation.

4. Go For Good Support

During your hunt to buy sports bra, you should never neglect the support of the undergarment. Considering the straps, the back, and the cushioning factor can lead you to the perfect sports bra. The comfort you get after wearing should always be prioritized. Even panels at the side and additional layers are great at offering optimum support.

5. Try It

The wise way to find the best fit is trying it out. It is essential that nothing spills out from the sides or underneath when you lift your hands. Also, you should see that the back is at its correct position and provides good support. However, this option will not be available for those who buy sports bra online. Yet, you can work your way out by ordering two different sizes, try them, and the one that does not fit, return it.


So, you see, purchasing a sports bra is not that tough, after all, if you know the appropriate direction to look at it. Following the tips mentioned above will help you choose the perfect-fitting bra that you will love to wear during your workout.