5 Effective Ideas for Childproofing Your House


Kids tend to run around and explore different things. They are curious about the different items they can find at home. Moreover, they tend to copy adults. If they see their parents talking on the phone, they will follow suit and imitate them. Kids will draw or write on any surface after they see their elder siblings doing their homework.

They tend to copy people as they are not sure of their actions. If you allow them to continue along this path, there is a chance that they might hurt themselves. Therefore it’s wise to monitor their movements and stop them from things that can potentially harm them.

Handling sharp or heavy objects which generally might not be a big thing for you is dangerous for kids. Apart from that, they also cannot handle flammable or electrical objects. So it is better to make everything secure for your child.

Here are some ideas for Childproofing your House:

Cover the Electrical Sockets:

Electrical Sockets

An electric socket is the most dangerous thing for a kid. Children generally are drawn to them when they see their elders plugging in switches or turn on the light.

Most houses have electrical sockets that are within the range of babies as young as two years old. They are usually near the floor so even if your baby is only crawling, chances are, they might find one. The problem is that you cannot conceal all of them with sofas or chairs.

You can cover them by putting on tape or plastic covers. Make sure to buy the best outlet covers that you can remove and put on with ease since repeated uses will loosen the tape. The adhesive power of the tapes decreases with time. To counter that you can chiefly use those sockets which are out of the kids’ reach. A cheaper power strip cover is readily available in the supplies store in your area.

Secure the Cabinets and Closet Doors:

Cabinets and Closet Doors

The closets usually contain objects which are too heavy for you to put elsewhere. You have to make sure that the door is secure. If your child opens it, then the chances are that they will play with whatever object that they could find. It can be a vacuum cleaner or a gym bag. The point is, you must make sure to keep toddlers away from them at all costs.

Heavy objects can fall on them. Moreover, they may meddle with machines with rotors. It is extremely dangerous for them as they may end up cutting themselves or worse. You have to be constantly vigilant.

You need to childproof the drawers as well. You can install a mechanism that prevents the drawer from opening completely. Moreover, try not to put stuff like knives and forks in lower drawers. If at all possible, keep the things you feel is not secure for your kids elsewhere.

Keep the Refrigerator Door Locked:

Refrigerator Door Locked

The refrigerator is the one item towards which almost every member of the family gravitates. It contains interesting items like food, beverages, and edibles. As far as kids go, they tend to be drawn towards it more often. However, this is a massive piece of machinery. So you have to be careful that you deter them from exploring the fridge.

The problem is that since they cannot reach certain items in the top compartment, so they will try to climb it. There is an excellent chance that they might fall and get injured. Even if they do not fall, things like bottles and jars may fall on top of them. 

You will have to secure the fridge shut. Fortunately, modern refrigerators all come with locks and keys. There are some which are equipped with digital locks as well. You can quickly close them without much worry. If you have an older model that does not support a lock, you can install a deadbolt and lock on it.

Deny them Access to the Kitchen:

The kitchen is the main area where there are a lot of hazards for a young one. You have a stove and oven on one side while you may also find cutlery and refrigerator on others. Every step you take requires thoughtful debate on how to proceed. As an adult, we are equipped with the power of making calculated decisions. The kids, unfortunately, are not.

You will have to try and discourage your kids from entering into the kitchen. However, that may prove difficult. So it’s better to keep the whole thing under a lock. Secure all the drawers and cabinets. Make sure you use plastic containers instead of glass ones. The same goes for plates and glasses.

The kids may try to cook something using the stove. You have to make sure that the gas is completely shut off. Sometimes, the sudden release of high pressure from the main gas source valve can cause kitchen pipes to crack. In such a situation, the entry of kids in the kitchen can be very risky. However, a good quality ball valve connected to the gas supply line can help in controlling the pressure of the gas.


The house is a sanctum of peace. However, it requires specific measures when you have toddlers living there as well. You can take a hint from this article and start working on making the necessary changes. Above all, remember to stay vigilant at all times. No matter what precautions you take, there is a chance that they will bypass it. So it is wise to stay alert.