3 Things Not be Done After Fight

  1. Don’t go to your bunch of friends and cry out ‘what he/she said’ ‘his/her mistake’ ‘I dint but he/she don’t trust on me’.slide-83This is the worst thing people do making their fights public. In today’s world instead of sympathy people will laugh at you.Whatever your partner says during a fight should stay there.
  2. Don’t walk away if he re-approaches the argument.aa89tp2

After fight you are walking away and he is trying to console you as in re-approaching you, know that he loves you alot and don’t wanna lose you. So at that moment keep you ego aside and at-least listen what he wanna say.

3. Don’t make excuses for why you fought.aa89mkg

Giving or explaining reason why you did this and that which caused the fight between you and your partner. It result in increasing the complications. Instead of that listen to whatever your partner say with calm attitude because it is been said that person doesn’t use his brain while shouting as he is angry. In other words They are just out of their minds…