10 Skin Care Exceptional Tips To Look Great In Your 30’s

10 Skin Care Exceptional Tips To Look Great In Your 30's

As females, we all love great and healthy-looking skin. Taking care of your skin is a test. Your skin clock ticks the moment you turn 30. That’s the deadline of your skin which is telling you to take care.

CTM routine that you need to follow daily:

1. Exfoliate once a week – Your skin recovers itself, making another layer at a normal of one time per month. Scrubbing/exfoliating eliminates the dead cells from the external layer of your skin. Do this two-three times each week for normal skin and once a week for dry skin.

2. Face wash daily – use face wash daily. Choose your cleanser according to your skin type. Wash twice a day. Vitamin C cleansers are much hype in the market.

3. Hydrate – even though whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin, you need to stay hydrated all the time. Drinking lots and lots of water is the only key to have healthy and great skin. Besides this, you need a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Know your skin type first, and then use a hyaluronic acid serum. This is an excellent source of boosting hydration to your skin.

Skin Care Exceptional Tips To Look Great In Your 30's

4. Apply sunscreen – Wearing sunscreen isn’t just for beach days. Sunscreen is a preventive and defensive measure against harm from bright beams. Wearing it all year could assist with lessening the danger of malignant skin growth and forestall untimely maturing. At times you can discover a cream with SPF.

5. Moisturise – before going to bed, you need to remove all the dirt, gunk, and makeup that you have applied. This will reduce and minimize the risk of acne. Always wash your face thoroughly, even if you do not have any makeup involved.

6. Masking – clay masks are too in these days. Using a clay mask is best for oily skin. But if you have normal to dry skin, then serum sheets will be the best for you. Apply face masks once a week to eliminate open pores and other impurities embedded in your skin.

7. Choose products wisely – it is essential to choose your products wisely and after knowing your skin type. Every person has a different skin texture. You cannot blindly pick up any random crème for you.

8. Follow healthy eating – A good and healthy eating routine also keeps your skin healthy-looking after 30. Eating junk and oily food will lead to acne and breakouts.

9. Vitamin C – vitamin C crèmes and serums are much hype in the market. These give flawless skin if used daily.

10. Homemade products – always try to use homemade scrubs and masks. These are free from all chemicals and are natural.

Healthy-looking skin is the need of the hour. You do not need to invest in costly laser treatments or facials to get glowing and healthy skin. Following these simple steps daily at home and following a CTM regime daily will help you achieve healthy, bright, and younger-looking skin lifelong.