Ways to have fun with Your Boyfriend – Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

Ways to have fun with Your Boyfriend - Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

Spending time with your boyfriend is desirable of every girl and if the time and whole date become unforgettable then it would be great. You must plan some things that have some fun and must do chill out with your boyfriend as he should not feel bored on that special day. You must plan such things that you may have maximum fun and so you must utilize every minute and every second you are spending with him. Here given some of the interesting tips that you can use while spending time with your boyfriend.

Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

Things to do at home with your Boyfriend

This is the time when you can impress him then you have an idea to prepare his favorite meal at home. Definitely, he will feel surprised when you will serve him food. If you’re cooking skills are not so good then don’t feel hard, you can order food from his favorite restaurant but make some effort by decorating the house and set for candlelight dinner. After that, both of you can see his favorite movie and sport on TV. If you are an artist then you can either sing a song for him or can play guitar. Even dancing with him is a great idea.

If you are comfortable being close with him then you can give him full body massage that would prove relax and seductive for him. Also, giving him a passionate kiss is the next thing you can do. Both of you can also have a bubble bath together. To cure boredom, give him a tight hug and tell him how much you love him. Take a hot and steamy shower with him.

On a Rainy Day

If it is raining outside and both of you want to spend time together then you can see the falling drops of rain with him from your window. You can either bake cookies or cake for him and both of you can eat together. Another option is that both of you can enjoy the rain by going out in rain and put your hand in his hand. You can also spend time in preparing hot chocolate roasted marshmallows and together take a sip before the fire. You can play puzzle with him by hiding his gift somewhere. Now, tell him to reach that gift with the help of small chits having clues to reach that gift. If both of you love to read then bring some interesting books and read them together. Going for a long drive in such a romantic weather is a great idea then you must also try that on a rainy day.

At Night

Both of you can lay down under the open sky. Try to count stars together and meanwhile talk to him about how much you love and care for him. Both of you can go out for a romantic candlelight dinner. Also, go for watching a romantic movie. Also, both of you can go for eating ice cream.

After having dinner and drive to get relax both of you can bath together. Now, cuddle up and sleep both of you together. You can slowly say three magical words I love you in his ears. It would definitely work as foreplay. Now, hold his hands and kiss him.