Valentine’s Day Dress Code for the Curvy Girls

Valentine’s Day Dress Code for the Curvy Girls

So, you know February has started and it comes with Love in air because there are chocolate day, teddy day, rose day, promise day, kiss day, hug day, purpose day and most importantly Valentine’s Day. So there are so many parties, surprise plans and night outs which you have to attend and if you are going with your husband, lover, boyfriend or family then you have to look your best.

It is old time tale that women take much time to be ready before going to any party or night out. You want to look best and you started pulling your head and hairs about what to wear or not and this takes all your time. Even curvy girls have to think more about what to wear or not. Now, we will discuss about the dresses which will help you be ready in just few minutes. Here is the list of dresses which are perfect for you to wear at any time. You need not to worry about fabric, drape and shape and even ladies with straight figure can also try this. We will also talk about the shoes, dresses and jewelry for that special day.

Red Small dress- Valentine’s Day is very special for lovers and to look great a Western girl can wear a red dress. Red color always thought to be a tempting hot color. This one is wonderful dress for curvy girls. This is also symbol of love and romance. You can wear a pearl necklace with the dress, rhinestones and rings, moratorium single small solid pyramid earrings, gold coil cuff, red lace sequin dress and open to pump, and then give a complete finish look with cherry red long lasting lipstick. This is most gorgeous look for you lady.

Lace dress– You can also choose a dress with laces to hide the unwanted curves and enhance the beauty. It should be up to knee length and is excellent idea for petite curvy lady. The benefit wearing this dress is that the belt section will grab the waist line properly and so you will look slim. On the other hand, the open toe pump will give you taller look and a tall person usually looks slimmer as it draws attention towards feet.

Black dress- Most of the girls are obsessed with wearing black and red colored dresses. This color has its own charm and in case you have hesitation in wearing red color dress as you don’t want to look very hot then can try black dress as it will give you sober look.

Stunning Skirts- Pencil skirts to full length fashionable skirts are best dresses not only fit your dream but will go with the occasion. Pencil skirt will give you a sexy look. For night parties maxi skirts are also good option.

Fashionable jeans – If you are a bit shy girl and don’t want to look extra glamorous then no worries as you can wear your jeans from your wardrobe  but wear a strap less tube top with it to get attractive look. To show your perfect shape you have to wear slim fit jeans and wear heels with that for a leg lengthening look.