Swami Om And Priyanka Jagga Boycotted For The Bigg Boss Grand Finale

Swami Om And Priyanka Jagga Boycotted For The Bigg Boss Grand Finale

The two contestant Priyanka and Swami Om who were thrown out of the Bigg Boss house without any nomination due to their unacceptable, intolerable behavior. A news coming states that Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga will not be invited for the grand finale.

Well we knew that Priyanka won’t be invited because host Salman Khan already announced it during the eviction of Priyanka that if Colors is willing to work with Jagga then he will end all his relation with channel. But bigg boss so-called greatest entertainer who has turned into villain now Swami Om is also boycotted fro the grand finale.

On asking Priyanka about being part of grand finale, she said Main toh in sab cheezon mein nahi hoon. Mere ghar mein bachhe hai, pati hai, unse mujhe poochna hoga . Mujhe khud ko jaana nahi hain . Mai nahi jaa paugi kyunki us din meri mom ka birhday hai (I am not involved in all of this anymore. I have my children and husband and I will have to ask them. Personally I don’t want to go and I won’t be able to make it because it’s my mother’s birthday on the same date).

OMG! looks like Priyanka doesn’t read the news portal. Her reaction clearly shows that in real life also she is as dumb as she was in house. This women doesn’t know that she has been boycotted from the grand finale.