Six Reasons Why Clearabee Is the Largest In-House Skip Hire In the UK

Six Reasons Why Clearabee Is the Largest In-House Skip Hire In the UK

There are many companies offering skip hire services in the UK. As usual, they all do not deliver the same level of services. Clearabee is the largest provider of in-house skip solutions. This post highlights six of the reasons for its success.

The Beebag

Most of the companies that provide skip collection services offer to carry the waste without providing dustbin. You, therefore, have to find your bin. As a result, most people end up with small dustbins or that is too large.

Clearabee is one of the few skip hire service providers that provide a bin. Beebag is their brand’s name for a skip. They are durable, lasting up to 12 months and come in different types and services.

Several Skip Options

People love having alternatives. It is because needs vary from person to person and also changes from time to time. Clearabee offers different types and sizes of skips. It provides Beebags for commercial, domestic, or construction wastes.

The difference in the skips is not just the size but also the type of rubbish that they can carry. There are Beebags for mixed general wastes, bulky, light and construction wastes. You can as well hire a skip for removal of soil from construction site or garden.

A fixed Price Guideline

Ever disagreed with a skip hire provider over fluctuations in prices? Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence. Most companies quote low prices to entice clients and then create extra charges when picking the waste. While such changes might be necessary, it is proper for the provider to inform you of the cost of such a possibility in the early stages of your engagement.

Clearabee informs the customers of these charges and cost of variations from the beginning. Once you reach an agreed price, it stays fixed unless there is sufficient reason for adjustment. They arise from two issues. One is where the actual amount of rubbish is less than the planned budget. The second cause may arise from Clearabee’s fourth benefit.

Online Pricing and Advance Payment

Very few companies give their prices over the phone. Well, it is not surprising as the sector developed from the construction industry and that is how business is conducted over there. Clearabee, however, has stood against this norm and provides pricing details to customers who ask, over the phone or from their website.

Additionally, very few firms accept advance payments. Clearabee, on the other hand, allows prepaying if you will not be available when the team arrives. All you need is to send a picture of the wastes and answer a few questions. Ensure you provide honest information as dustmen will check the waste to ascertain the information provided. Factual differences may lead to an increase in charges.

Flexible Man and Van Skip Hire Service

You can choose to buy the Beebags and take them to the kerb when filled or opt for Clearabee’s van services. It makes waste collection easy and efficient. Again, it has its personnel, which takes away the burden of hiring others to move the skip to the van.


Since the UK is running out of landfill space, recycling is becoming an essential part of the skip hire business. Environmentally conscious companies such as Clearabee employ new technologies to increase the amount of rubbish it reconciles. It currently recycles over ninety per cent of the waste it collects.


It is certain that growing to the largest skip hire company not only requires moving out of the obvious but also doing it well. Visit the company’s site for more information and a free quote.