How to Prevent Clogs in Your Drains from an Expert Plumber Darwin

How to Prevent Clogs in Your Drains from an Expert Plumber Darwin

You know how it goes, you’ve spent all year using your drains and all of a sudden, they’re backing up, or they’re draining extremely slow. A lot of times, this can be possibly fixed by following some ideas and areas of general lifestyle practices to avoid these issues (we’ll get into that soon). In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to prevent clogs, as well as give you some quality tips from a quality plumbing Darwin expert.

You May be Causing Your Slow Drains

Over time, even things like garbage disposals don’t get everything. These things and sludge that builds up can eventually get down deep into your sewer drains far beyond your home or building that you can’t see and end up settling. Over time, this settling will continue to build up and you’ll end up having slow and clogged drains. Try to avoid things like dumping cooking grease. You can save it in an old can, or in a coated container that won’t melt. Dispose of your grease in the trash and don’t think that running hot water down with it will fix it. Eventually it will cool down and solidify. have some amazing tips and tricks on plumbing, go and check it out.

Never dump coffee grounds in your sink. These grains build up rather quick and don’t always flush well. Also, you can use a screen or sink strainer in order to keep your drains free of food debris. Those little particles will eventually catch and build up as well. You also need to know when it comes to toilets, that just because something says that it’s flushable, it still won’t break down right. Never use anything other than basic toilet paper when it comes to flushing toiletry items down the toilet. Even flushable wipes may stick around in your drain and eventually clog it before they can even have the chance to break down.

Ways to Remove Clogs

Believe it or not, you can run hot water in your sink after you use it for a while, just to make sure that any debris will drain. Don’t use harsh chemicals as an option because if you do need to hire a plumber, this makes their job even more unsafe. You can easily try to unclog drains by plunging the drain, or use something non-toxic like pouring baking soda, or using vinegar which can slowly but safely break down the clog (or both if you just have a slow drain).


If none of these options above work, it may be time to contact your plumber. Be sure that if you have used any options in order to get rid of the clogs yourself and it didn’t work, you be as detailed as possible when talking to your plumber, especially if you’ve used any sort of chemical that could be potentially harmful, even something as mild as bleach. Also, be sure to never mix bleach with anything that is acidic (not even vinegar), as this can cause a chemical reaction called mustard gas that can even be lingering in your pipes and affect either your household, and also the plumber when he has to work, and be potentially harmful or fatal.