Here are Kasavu Saree Blouse Patterns you Should Try

kasavu saree blouse

One of the traditional sarees that have gained a lot of fame is the kasavu saree. The Malayalee women traditionally wore this handwoven saree. It is a fine saree that defines beauty in every lady. Unlike plain sarees, the kasavu type features intrinsic borders and a pure gold color that adds to its glamour. It is a stunning piece of attire among women in Kerala.

As different types of sarees continue evolving; the kasavu saree now looks a bit different from what ladies in the past used to wear. The original style of making kasavu sarees has changed. You can now wear a kasavu saree with varying blouse patterns without being limited to traditional kasavu blouses. We will look at how you can make your kasavu saree appear unique by matching it with different blouse patterns.

Brocade Dori Blouse

Brocade dori blouse

Match your kasavu saree with the brocade Dori blouse when attending a cultural festival. The Dori is embellished with some stunning hangings which you can coordinate with the shades of your saree border and pallu. The blouse pattern adds a traditional aspect to your saree making it a suitable choice to mark the lunar calendar.

Double Dori

Are you a young lady interested in traditional wear? Pair your kasavu saree with the double dori. The blouse comes in a simple design which features a slightly puffed sleeve. It exposes some part of your back and gives you the chance to flaunt your flawless skin.

You can choose a double dori in green since the color is deep, and the material is from raw silk. Try to match the color of your double dori with some simple accessories such as bangles on your arms. You can also drape your kasavu saree in different styles according to what you prefer.

The Collared Jacket Blouse

Add some style to your kasavu saree and give it a royal touch by pairing it with a collared jacket blouse. The blouse hails from China, and it comes in heavy brocade. You can also get one which contains heavy embroidery work to make your outfit appear sophisticated. It is a gorgeous blouse pattern that you can match with a kasavu saree to wear on a special occasion.

Shirt Collar Blouse

Shirt collar blouse

Do you need to wear a kasavu saree to a wedding? Visit Stylecaret and purchase the shirt collar blouse. It is a trendy design that people love during the wedding season. The shirt collar blouse is distinct since it features contrasting color on the collar compared to the rest of the blouse.

It is an elegant pattern that models choose to walk down the runway. This can make your kasavu saree stand out and look different during a friend’s wedding. Be careful on the accessories you choose to match with your outfit to avoid having too many colors that can make a fashion disaster.

Short Shirt Blouse

Sometimes, collars can be exhausting, and it is always good to try something different. The short shirt blouse provides you a bit of freedom since it is a blouse design that does not come in any collars. Unlike other models, this is meant to remain loose fitting on your body.

The short shirt blouse does not entirely cover your waist. It is therefore ideal for the slim, bold lady who does not mind showing off her flat stomach. It creates a relaxed silhouette when paired with a kasavu saree. The material used to make the blouse is raw silk which is soft and elegant. Match the colors of your blouse design to that of your kasavu saree. You can also make the two colors contrast.

Mandarin Collar Overlap

Mandarin collar overlap

Do you like wearing kasavu sarees during the hot season? You need a blouse that is comfortable and stylish. The mandarin collar overlap covers your neck, but it is short, allowing you to flaunt your curves. It comes with no sleeves. It may also feature a heavy design to add class to your kasavu saree.

If you are slim and tall, this is an ideal blouse pattern that you should try. You can go for dark colors such as black and match it with some big earrings. Feel free to add some make-up around your eyes to complete the look.

Smocking Back Pattern

Give your kasavu saree a modern look by matching it with the smocking back blouse. This combines two different styles on the straps of your blouse. It does not contain any sleeves or collars. Try to match the colors well so that the outfit looks balanced. It is also suitable for slim ladies.

The Graceful Button Back

The graceful button back

If you are attending a special function, your outfit should be outstanding. This is a delicate blouse design that you should experiment on. Choose the one that contains the gold tissue as the primary color for your net and combine it with a white lace net.

The graceful button back adds modernity to your kasavu saree. Its button design on the back is unique among other patterns. Ensure that your pallu hangs loosely at the back so that you don’t cover the gorgeous model.

Reverse Neck

Back designs are always better than front ones when it comes to blouses. The reverse neck is a gorgeous design which gives you the chance to experiment with heavy embellishment at the back of your blouse. You can choose one with a boat neck on the front side of your blouse to maintain its simplicity on one part.

The reverse neck blouse pattern combines the use of net and velvet to make a style statement. The criss-cross goes well with a kasavu saree. Try to choose a simple kasavu saree so that you can coordinate the colors of your blouse with that of your pallu.

High Neck Blouse

High neck blouse

The heavy neck blouse symbolizes class and looks nice when matched with a kasavu saree. It is ideal for plus sized ladies since it does not reveal a lot of skin. You can either select one that comes with full sleeves or the three-quarter sleeves.