Instagram Suspends Hindustani Bhau Account Violating Community Guidelines

Hindustani Bhau Instagram Account Suspended

As, you all know very well about Hindustani bhau, the big boss 13 contestants but still lots of peoples don’t know about him so let’s talk about him in detail. Hindustani bhau, whose real name is Vikas fhatak is very well-known for his abusive content. He often shares lots of abusive content on different topics or you can say recent activities.

But today his Instagram account has been suspended because lots of the users on Instagram reporting his abusive content by which it is necessary for owners to close his account. Some peoples share their posts or a screenshot where they showed them, that they are reporting his account. One of the renowned actor Shashank Arora shares his screenshot of reporting the Hindustani bhau account where he got the reply from the Instagram that the account of bhau’s account is removed according to the community guidelines.

Hindustani Bhau

Lots of other actors and celebrities also share their posts in which they all are reporting his account. According to him, he always claims that this is all the act of patriotism where he just showing his love for his country. But in June, he filed a case against Ekta Kapoor for disrespecting the Indian soldiers in the ALT Balaji web show XXX season 2. Not only this he shared lots of abusive comments against the Ekta Kapoor and her family.

In recent content, he is suggesting or encouraging youngsters to commit an act of violence to save their country from various norms. Not only this, but he also accused the youngsters to beat up those peoples who don’t show any respect to Hindu gods. Most of the content is against powerful peoples such as police, politicians, etc.. where he always spread violence in every act.

After getting fame from youtube videos, he got a chance to participated in big boss 13.