Enhance Your Love Life With Intimate Play


Divulging what goes down in the bedroom tends to be met with blushed cheeks and rolling eyes. But there’s no need to be embarrassed if you’re trying to think of ways to keep things exciting between you and your significant other. The adult industry is only growing larger each year. In 2016, the toy market had blossomed into a 15 Billion dollar enterprise, showing that more and more people are looking to indulge in some of their kinkier fantasies. If you already feel comfortable with your significant other, and both of you are willing to get adventurous, then there’s no reason to hesitate to explore the expanding world of role play.

Practice Safety First

Love Life With Intimate Play

Many are eager to jump right into using whatever toys may catch their fancy, but it is important to practice caution when dealing with certain materials. Some toys are manufactured with phthalates – chemicals used to make toys soft and flexible. Studies have shown that long term exposure can lead to cancer and be harmful to the body. It’s important to do your research and find out which companies don’t use such chemicals in their toys, and read up on manufacturing details before making a purchase. Practicing good hygiene is also important, especially for women. Mixing bacteria is definitely something you don’t want to happen, so it’s best to use a condom on any toys for penetration. Washing toys between sessions is also beneficial for keeping them clean and bacteria free.

Now To The Fun Stuff

It’s unthinkable how many toys are made to fulfil our wildest fantasies. While the stigma floats around that toy use is a single-person activity, tons of couples use them to increase their own intimacy along with exploring some wild fetishes. For guys, one of the more popular kind of toys out there is the fleshlight. There are dozens of molds and sleeves that produce a wide range of stimulus and pleasure. Different molds can bring on sensations, spanning from how tight to how lush the mold feels. This is great for trying something new with your girl that won’t make her feel uncomfortable.

Don’t Forget About The Ladies

Ladies, there’s also a wide selection of fulfilling toys out there that innovate the way you experience a pleasure. These has been a rise in popularity of suction massagers, opening a world of possibility in the bedroom. Suction massagers focus on stimulation by forming a vibrating sensation that is reported to be intense and incredibly pleasurable.

Adult Film Fantasies

It’s very common for couples to watch adult films together in the bedroom. Whether it’s to set the mood or heighten immersion, it’s typical to have fantasies with some of our favorite stars. Well, thanks to new toy manufacturers you basically can! There is no limit to the number of ways you and your partner can achieve bliss and live-out your dream fantasies.