An inspiring Journey of Digital Marketing Entrepreneur- Sanjay Dhawan

Sanjay Dhawan

The world is full of competition which has been increasing rapidly. It is giving complexity and motivation to different types of people. For making a part of this world, one must show his full potential. Without putting in maximum effort, an individual can’t achieve the goals. The journey of a successful entrepreneur is not comfortable; it is full of challenging paths. However, once you cross it, success is waiting for you on another end.

Undoubtedly, the efforts of an individual always present fruitful results. One can never know the taste of fruit if he didn’t sow the seed, water it regularly, and wait for the time when it turns into a beautiful big plant. Similarly, one does not value success if a person does not become a successful entrepreneur.

Sanjay Dhawan is also carrying a similar story to him. He is a successful digital marketing entrepreneur who put all his efforts into building a substantial venture. Unlike others, Sanjay did not take any shortcut in his life and holds the values. Being a part of the digital marketing world, he paid full attention to his work. Bringing a story of a great leader always gives us motivation.

This man has a straightforward yet inspiring story that has motivated over 1000 people. He is a graduate of BCA who counts as one of the best students in the university. Surrounded by education, he paid his full attention to the studies to accomplish the highest aim. After completing his graduation, he started the first step of his career in 2010.

Client Meeting at Delhi

With a great start to a career in 2010, he became an executive for SEO in one of the companies located in Chandigarh. Later, after years of experience and hard work, he attains the post of manager in 2015. It brings an exciting turn in his career life.

When he attains a higher position in his life, he decided to start his venture. Honestly, it is easy to dream rather than working on it. Yet, he worked on his dream and made it fulfill, which adds value to his dream, ambition, and life. Becoming an entrepreneur is a complicated task because once you own a business, it becomes your responsibility to manage all the things around you.

You can’t pressurize your employees because they are working for you it is not their business. If you want to accomplish a dream, want to make your business successful, then the owner can work on it from day to night.
After attaining 11 years of experience in the SEO field, he becomes the founder and CEO of Prisham Web Solutions. Currently, he is dealing worldwide such as the USA, Australia, Canada, etc.

He is a champion of SEO, affiliate marketing, and social media services he offers to his clients. He crafted his GoogleSEOupdate, StoryXP, TheBroTech, website development, etc.

For a healthy and prosperous future, he believes in working from morning to night. This leads to success with the brightest future of the company. Currently, five employees are working under his leadership, but he has the vision to expand his team with over 100+ employees.

We wish him luck for his brightest future, further stop dreaming and start working on it. Your dreams can’t get fulfilled on their own unless you put effort into them.