7 Practical Things to defeat Procrastination in Your Daily Life

7 Practical Things to defeat Procrastination in Your Daily Life
Do you remember your last shot?


Your last project?

How much time did you waste doing procrastination for it?

When you could have finished it the day you started but it took you an immense amount of time to accomplish the project.

Isn’t this a bitter truth of your life?

If you want to get rid of this productivity killer then you are at right place.

I will share my own experience how I beat the procrastination in my life.

But before doing it, let’s find the reasons which cause you delaying your work and decreasing your performance.

1. Because the task is hard.
2. Because you are not interested to do it at all.
3. Because you lack motivation.
4. Because you are not focused on your goal.
5. Put your reason for doing procrastination here.

These are the reasons why you are not good at meeting deadlines and not happy with the quality of the work you do.

And you understand that you cannot continue your life living this way.

The methods I am sharing in this article will help you to handle your stress and keep the fear of failure away from you.

Read the books you enjoy most

It’s common if you find yourself unclear about how to get your work started.

The best way to find your inspiration back is reading your favorite book at the time of procrastination.

Because as you know reading a book connects you with your inner self that allows the pistons of your imagination to work.

And now you get ready to fire up your projects and make the best use of your time.

Here are the some best suggestions for you:

1. Helen Keller: A Life by Dorothy Herrmann
2. Socrates: A Man For Our Times by Paul Johnson
3. Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement by Tony Robbins
4. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
5. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What The Most Effective People Do Differently by John C. Maxwell

Here is the list of 100 books you should read in your life once.

Write your Journal every day

This method has helped me to realize the power of writing.

When it comes to writing my journal, I believe that everyday we live a different story. Sometimes our day is like an episode of a novel.

And sometimes it just flows like a poetry.

You have to discover your own story here. Giving your days a value to write it will bring a deep sense to understand the time you are gifted with each new day.

And after some days you do this consistently you will be able to defeat the monster of procrastination and enjoy your work more than ever.

Your loved ones are always there for you

Sometimes we lose our focus because of the issues we have in our personal lives.

Even a single NO or a small rejection can cause a dull day at work.

You feel like you don’t want to be there anymore but running away from your responsibilities will do no good for you.

So in this situation why don’t you take your phone and call somebody you love a lot and enjoy talking with him or her.

He or she can be your friend, your partner or your parents.

When you will finish your call, your energy vampires would not be there to bother you anymore.

Take a walk with yourself

Without great solitude, no serious work is possible
– Picasso

These are the words from one of the greatest artists who ever lived on this planet.

Once in a while a day comes when we feel helpless, frustrated and annoying with the work we do, the people we live with or the life we are leading.

And as it happens with everybody I and you share the same pain here.

This is where you need to spend some time with nobody but yourself.

So the time you take a break instead of being a part of gossips, debates or conflicts which are an inevitable part of your office life, you get out of your office and take a walk with yourself.

You can remind yourself of the journey you had before reaching here, the struggles you won and the lives you touched along the way.

It will fill your heart with a new enthusiasm and give you a new energy to get back to your work and perform your tasks at a faster speed.

Watch the inspiring scene of your Favourite Movie

I don’t know if you are a diehard fan of Marvel movies or your love for star war movies never dies.

There is only one reason you like those characters the Thor, the Jedi.
They inspire you to be a hero because that is what gives you an answer to these questions.

What is your purpose here?

What is the reason you exist?

And these fiction heroes make us realize there is more we can do for the world.

So next time when you lack your motivation fuel, watch the best scenes of your most favorite movies.

Want to know which movie I watch to fight with my procrastination?

The pursuit of Happiness is the movie I watch when disappointment attacks me.

Time to thank your mentor or the teacher who changed your life

Do you remember your friends who stood by you at the time of your struggle?
Your teachers who gave you hope when you tasted the failure for the very first times.

These are the people we must never forget.

If it is being hard for you to finish your project then it is time you contact your well-wishers.

When you show your gratitude towards the people who helped you on your way of this journey.

You realize the past you had and value the present you have now.

So what you are thinking now?

Go ahead and fix a meeting with your best buddies and gurus.

I think I should do the same right now.

Wait for me, I will be right back.


Please share this article with your friends as well so they can also reach the productivity level they need to create a beautiful life and impact the world around them.

Thank You.