3 Steps for New Mommies to Stay Fit and Healthy

3 Steps for New Mommies to Stay Fit and Healthy

If you are a new mommy then life can be indeed exhausting with a baby initially. Gradually, you tend to adjust with the baby. But while adjusting with baby and family, it becomes impossible to get enough rest and exercise in initial months.  It is imperative to take care of yourself and take healthy diet. Following certain steps and choosing right kind of foods will keep you energetic through your busy days with baby.

There are many websites that offer customized daily food plans based on your age, gender and activity. You can go for one of those plans or create your own. Drinking plenty of water, eating short meals can help taking balanced diet. You can even take help from your friends, neighbors and relatives for grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Let’s take a brief look at some of meal strategies to make every meal count.

Start your day with energy breakfast

Proteins are a better breakfast choice than carbohydrates or sugar. Eggs, yoghurt, whole grain bread, cereals and fruits make energy breakfast. A morning means a breakfast with yoghurt and fresh juice. Or it can be bowl of oatmeal and whole grain cereal, or you may even go scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast. Simple carbs must be avoided in morning since these don’t give energy rather add to unwanted fat.  Also, simple carbs spikes your blood sugar and leave you feeling sleepy. On the other hand, complex carbs help you to stay energetic and offer body more nutrition in form off minerals and vitamins.

Avoid 3 meals and go for short meals throughout the day

Seesawing between hunger and fullness should be avoided by new mommies. You need more energy but three meals a day can end up making you lazy. Try to keep your fridge stacked with easy snacks that can be eaten at regular intervals.  You should aim to eat five small meals and can customize the time intervals as per your wish and the quantity of snack.

You baby might not allow you to sit calmly and have a full coarse meal so these kind of meals can help stay full of energy.

Don’t diet for few months

We can understand you would want to get fit in your old jeans and dresses after having a baby. But dieting is not an option at your charts this time. Since, you would be feeding the baby, so you would need nutrition to stay fit and healthy. Even handling baby during initial months needs energy so strictly stay away from dieting. You can try out some light exercises to stay in shape during this time. Once you have recovered from post pregnancy effects and has adjusted with your new born well then you can try doing hard exercises.