Vivek and Divyanka Calls Media ‘irresponsible Journalism’


The very cool and calm Vivek and Divyanka calls media ‘irresponsible journalism’. Well no one put such allegation on media without any reason, so obviously there has to be a reason.

Well the case is some days back some media news portal wrote in an article that a fashion label has approached Divyanka Tripathi for the calendar shoot but Divyanka showed tantrum and demanded for more fee and also kept a condition that her husband also be made a part of the project. The fashion label disagreed to it and changed mind on working with Divyanka. They decided to go on a hunt of other face for the calendar shoot.

These false allegations didn’t go down well with the couple who then decided to retaliate.

“I’ve been advised time and again to stay calm and ignore these stupid fake tales but it’s about time that I vocalise my sentiments. We’re much more than a group of nepotism-driven, preferentially treated people,” Vivek wrote in the Instagram post.

Divyanka reposted this on her own instagram account adding, “I respect those few news groups who refrain from the #CopyPaste culture, who believe in finding the truth and transmitting it to the readers. There’s something more important than viewership and numbers… Its #Humanity and #ProfessionalEthics.”