4 Popular controversy of Nargis Fakhri

  1. Kissing on first date formulanargis-fakhri-womens-health-03

During the promotion of Azhar media asked Nargis about notion of kissing on a first date, Nargis replied, ” Yeah why not? And if he sucks at kissing, he’s definitely not getting another date.”
Further the kick actress added about relationship that,”What’s the point of being in a serious relationship when you can’t remain loyal? Stay single or tell your partner that you are not serious about it. Many people go for open relationships. People shouldn’t forget that honesty and communication are very important in a relationship.”
2. Cosmetic Surgery7aaa186bb74778e33dcbf612ded29781

Cosmetic surgery is very common nowadays. Obviously who doesn’t wanna look beautiful. But when it comes to Nargis Fakhri, we wonder why she need to go for the cosmetic surgery. She is already so beautiful, gorgeous.
“I believe women need to feel and look beautiful at any age. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with opting surgeries or other treatments. Every vehicle needs upkeep and I’m not anti-upkeeping,” Nargis confessed to media.
3. In-relationship with Uday Chopra and then breakup newsnargis_uday_650_062314023445

Nargis and Uday’s romance was out there in the open. They were never vocal about their relationship but their pictures and tweets did all the talking! But during the promotion of Housefull3 and Azhar a news came in that Uday and Nargis broke up. Though the reason is unknown but portals reported that Uday proposed Nargis for marrige but the actress denied as she wanted to concentrate on her career.
4. Disgusted on kissing Emraan Hashmiscreen-shot-2016-04-27-at-3-37-57-pm

She had revealed, “He’s done that a lot. For me, it was pretty gross. You see that moustache [points at the film’s poster]? How do I know that’s not made from pubic hair? I had to kiss that. Not once. SEVERAL TIMES. The mustache was annoying as hell.” The statement went viral and once again the Rockstar actress made a controversial headlines.