Your First Couples Therapy: What to Expect

Your First Couples Therapy What to Expect

Colorado Springs is one of the largest cities in Colorado. Situated in the east-central part, it is also the most populous municipality of El Paso County in the state of Colorado. Additionally, it is one of the best places to live and start a family, with a divorce rate of  3%, which is relatively low as compared to the state’s overall divorce rate of 4%. Fortunately, the availability of services to help couples and families resolve conflicts, like couples therapy, may have contributed to its low divorce rate.

There are different reasons couples part ways, and the usual that you may hear is because of irreconcilable differences. Some couples would like to work things out, turning to the best couples therapy in Colorado Springs.

A suggested activity during therapy will be to engage in activities as a couple, and one of the best that you can accomplish with your partner is rock-climbing at the Garden of the Gods. It provides a wonderful opportunity for you and your partner to work together, which may prompt both of you to remember how you accomplished things before by working together.

Here are other things that you may expect to happen during your therapy sessions with your partner.

What to Expect During the Therapy

If you have issues in your relationship, couples therapy may be a solution. Most couples experience a bit of apprehension at first, but there is nothing wrong with that. Some of these worries are only eased once the therapy is in session.

  • Expect to go as a couple in your first session.

For your first session, you will need to go together as a couple. It is where your therapist will get a bit of background from you and your partner. It will be the groundwork for your other sessions.

  • Expect questions about anything in your life.

Your therapist may have your medical records and a basic idea of your history, but as a couple, that is a different matter altogether. There is also a lot of information that the therapist will need from you so your situation can be aptly planned out.

The session is an opportunity for the therapist to know how to use the details they got from the first session. They will need to understand how those details can help during individual meetings to better tackle what, where, and how the problem started.

The therapy sessions are also a way for you and your partner to accept the situation and be freer with your feelings so both of you can understand that resolving the problem depends on the two of you. The therapist is just there to help you realize what needs to be done to fix it.

  • Expect to have an idea where the problem started.

Your issues might have started when you and your partner had a fight or a discussion. But it might be from the past where the stress began. You cannot know that as early as the first session. Don’t forget; you must both be honest with your therapist.

Your therapist, you, and your partner will need to work hand-in-hand so you can get your life back, or at least improve your relationship.

  • Expect that you and your partner may have your own goals.

Part of the therapy sessions is getting to know what your partner wants to happen after the therapy. Both of you may want to know how to fix your issues, but expect that you or your partner might have different goals with the sessions. Be honest about what you would like to achieve during the sessions, so your therapist will get more details on how to help you and your partner resolve your issues.

Your therapist might suggest a few activities while you are having your couples therapy in Colorado Springs, so it is best to know more about the area, as this is an opportunity for you and your partner to be by yourselves. This activity might also be a way for both of you to see each other in a different light.

There are a few more things that you can expect from therapy, such as making sure that you and your partner must have that feeling of being understood as it might be a reason for you to doubt if your therapist is the best person to talk to at this point.

It is best for all three of you to have a good connection with each other so that the therapy sessions go as smoothly as possible.