How to Write an Ad Copy That Sells

How to Write an Ad Copy That Sells

In every business and marketing strategy, advertising is an integral part. And if you are advertising, you are communicating. In almost all instances, you are using words to communicate your message. You want this ad copy to be excellent. You want to use it to bring sales. It has been found that tweak of even a few words can make all the difference in the world. Here are some tips on writing ad copy that sells well. Well the ad you write or select for your marketing campaign must have not any kind of grammatical or words mistakes. You can log on to to make sure that you write a perfect copy of ad.

Sell the want and not the what

There are two ways to look at the services and products you are providing. You can either look at it in terms of what the features of your product or service are or you can look at it in terms of how it helps your customers. By emphasizing on the what or the features, you are talking about yourself. Nobody wants to be sold and not talked about. You want to speak of the benefits and how it solves the problems of the people you are selling to. So imagine that you launch an app that helps purchase movies tickets online. Instead of telling people that you have a speed of xyz that will purchase tickets in xyz seconds, tell people how they can book tickets from the comfort of their couch.

Look at your competitor

Your competitor is always a great place to look at for inspiration. It is a business that sells to the same audience as yours and is competing for that customer with you. Now when that happens, you can look at the ad copy of people who are selling to your audience. What this does is that it helps you point out what sells good and what can be sold even better. It will help you in a great many number of ways. This does not mean that you go ahead and copy your competition but that you can just see what is selling in your industry.

A/B test

A/B testing is a great way to determine precisely what works the best for you. You don’t want to invest your resources in something that can produce a hundred dollars when the same resources have the potential to produce hundred and fifty dollars. A/B testing can be done by writing a few versions of ad copy. Then pick a couple that can will work better. Test these versions and see which one works the best.

Keep it simple

When people are reading your copy, they want to read long notes. They want to keep it to the point. So you want to make sure that you keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate it by writing long sentences and using vocabulary nobody in your audience knows about. Keep it short and sweet. That always works the best for any ad copy. Likewise, majority of the people only read the headline in an ad copy. You want to make sure that you put extra attention to how you form your headline.

Match the ad copy

Your advertisement has a goal. If you want to get more sign ups for a certain form and you are running an ad for it, you will probably have an ad shown on Google or Facebook. This will lead to a certain landing page. You want to make sure that the ad on that landing page is in coherence with the ad that you showed in the first place. Without it, you will witness a lot of bounce backs.

Design matters

Great ad is very much important but ad always goes with design. You can have the greatest ad out there but if your design is not going alongside it, you are not going to sell well. You want to make sure that you have a design that goes will with the ad that you are selling.

Content Evaluation of Ads

Search engine optimization covers a huge domain of algorithms to look into when ranking a website. There are a ton of things to cover. Take for example keyword density. That one factor alone incorporates so well into web content. Then look at plagiarism. Take the example of graphical content. There are so many ways to not only get creative but smart enough to boost your website’s rankings through basic search engine optimization techniques.

However, there is one SEO factor that not a lot of people realize the potential of. It is the grammar of a blog post. Majority of the content on the web today is in English language. The more there is content in English, the more you need to take care of your grammar. This is very important. Grammar can affect your SEO in both good and bad ways. It comes down to how your grammar is used in the content.

One of the things people look at when looking at SEO factors is CTR. CTR stands for click through rate. When you make a Google search, Google shows you a list of websites you can click and be directed to. However, what is the initial advertisement by that website? What does Google show you about a website before anything else? It is three things.

  1. The title of the page
  2. The URL
  3. The meta description

Even though these all three need to be creatively generated to generate leads online, you also need to make sure that all of these don’t contain any grammatical errors. This is very important because when people see your website compared to others, they want to know if they can trust your website more than other websites. And they are looking for reasons to reject your website. How to avoid that?

Well, have flawless grammar on your website and content. You don’t want to see any traces of grammatical flaws at all. Now how do you go about making sure that your website does not contain any grammatical errors? Again, the answer is simple. Use a grammar checker tool.

A grammar checker tool is available for free on the web. It is just a Google search away. Once you are done typing your content, you can copy and paste the content on the tool. The tool will spot any and all grammatical mistakes there are on the web.