Why You Need a Neck Gaiter & Top Uses

neck gaiter

Picking what to wear around your neck can be tricky. Especially when those freezing cold temperatures settle in. Most people rush for turtleneck sweaters and scarves as their go-to options.

But a neck gaiter can also be a decent alternative. Let’s find out why and learn about its main uses.

Why Wear a Neck Gaiter to Begin With?

Thanks to the way they’re designed, neck gaiters:

  • Help prevent sunburn on your neck A neck gaiter isn’t just a substitute for a scarf. It’s also a survival tool that can help keep the sun off your neck. Most neck gaiters from here are made with built-in UV protection. Such UV-blocking neck gaiters can save your skin from looking like a shedding lizard and protect it from serious damage.
  • Keep your neck and face warm For many of us, winter chills mean breaking out the tacky turtlenecks and six feet long fabric strips. But neck gaiters can work well in place of those two with a lot less fabric. Neck gaiters are made of moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight materials like nylon, wool, merino, fleece, and so on. Slipping one on will keep frostbite from nipping your nose.
  • Are easy to wear The biggest hassle of winter is the never-ending bolts of fabric we call scarves. A neck gaiter saves you time and energy, without making you feel like a mummy in your coat. These simple fabric tubes are stretchy and are easy to pull on, take off, and adjust as you see fit.
  • Protect your face from debris, dust, and smoke Frostbite and sunburn aren’t the only things you need to worry about when hiking around forests, deserts, and everything in between. Neck gaiters can help keep dirt, dust, smoke, and other types of debris reliably away from your face.
  • Help prevent hypothermia and heat exhaustion We all sweat as we move around. And while it’s not a big deal during summer, it can be a dangerous situation in winter. Neck gaiters that use moisture-wicking technology can help prevent your neck from being exposed to cold. And they help your body cool down once it becomes too humid.
  • Cater to multiple purposes There’s no shortage of ways to make use of a neck gaiter besides simply wearing it as a neck garment. A neck gaiter can be used to keep hair out of your face, as a sweatband, and so much more.
  • Are easy to make Buying a neck gaiter lets you enjoy one out of the box. But it’s not impossible to make one on your own. Neck gaiters come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can knit them or sew them to be extremely warm or very stylish. All you need to do is create a tube of fabric that is stretchy enough to fit around your head.

As you can see, there’s a lot to gain from having a neck gaiter. Let’s see how you can put one to good use.

Tips for Making the Most of Neck Gaiters

A neck gaiter has a lot more uses than most people realize. Namely, neck gaiters can come in handy as:

  • An extra layer of warmth under your scarf If you don’t want to give up wearing your favorite scarf, you won’t have to. You can wear a neck gaiter under it or over your sweater for added warmth for your neck and face. And if you worry about staining your designer scarf with sweat, a neck gaiter is a perfect sweat prevention accessory.
  • Hair accessories Have you grown tired of losing hair ties? Would you like to make use of something that can do more than the banal ponytail? A neck gaiter can provide you with much more than skin protection. It can serve as a hair accessory too. You can easily use a neck gaiter as a scrunchy, headband, hair band, headscarf, and bandanna.
  • Hats A hair accessory isn’t the only use for a neck gaiter on your head. You can also twist and tie these multi-functional fabric tubes to create a beanie, bobble hat, and do-rag.
  • Wristbands As you can tell, neck gaiters are a handy accessory. But their use isn’t bound to neck, head, and hair only. Without any significant adjustments, you can turn neck gaiters into stylish wristbands.
  • Face masks You may be going for a long motorcycle ride, traversing the desert, or planning to ski all day. In all of these cases a face mask will come in handy. Neck gaiters do more than just protect your neck. They’re stretchy enough for you to pull them up right below your eyes. This is ideal for those who want to shield their face from the elements, dirt, dust, and frostbite.
  • Helmets and hat liners Sunny weather is nice until the sweat starts dripping. A neck gaiter can help wick away the excess moisture. It’s ideal for those who like wearing hats and helmets without feeling like they have a sauna on their head. All you have to do is put the neck gaiter on your head and slip your hat or helmet on.
  • Sun guards Absorbing sweat from your neck isn’t the only use for a neck gaiter during hot seasons. Neck gaiters also make for a simple and potent way to avoid getting sunburn.
  • Hoods Neck gaiters are ideal for ladies who like modesty or who simply want to protect their hairdo from the wind. Just keep the front of the neck gaiter under your chin and pull the back over your head. Wearing a neck gaiter this way can also help protect your ears from frostbite.

What do we make of neck gaiters at this point?

Neck Gaiter: Your Wardrobe’s Year-Round Jack of All Trades

Clearly, neck gaiters are some of the most versatile clothing items you can own.

And we hope our guide has helped you learn more about them.