Why is NAP Important in Local SEO?

Why is NAP Important in Local SEO

Before we understand the importance of NAP in SEO, let us brush through the basics once. NAP stands as an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone Number, while SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

When you are developing content for your business on the internet, you need to be very consistent with certain parameters. The wrong parameters hurt your ranking and your website not appear in Google or other Search engine first page. For example, the NAP criteria should be same at all places.

Consistency is the Key

When you post your NAP details at various places on the internet, Google automatically cross-checks all these details. For example, if you own a restaurant, you need to place the right NAP details on your restaurant’s website, yellow pages directory, mobile booking applications as well as articles and blogs. When you are consistent with all these details, your website has a significantly higher chance of ranking better against the competition that does not follow the consistency rules. If all are fine your website show in 3 pack in Google listing.

Use the Exact Keywords

You need to be very specific in using the right keywords in the NAP details. For example, if you are posting your company’s name as XYZ Pvt Ltd. on one website, you cannot post it as XYZ Private Limited on another. Although both these terms imply the same thing, they are fundamentally different for Google. Every comma, full-stop and hyphen should be the same to ensure that your business receives ample recognition in the eyes of Google and don’t confuse Googlebot.

NAP is Especially Helpful When It Comes to Local SEO

NAP details hold more critical significance for local SEO. It is a deciding factor for your rank on Google search results in case you are developing region-specific content. Let’s consider that you are posting an address for your restaurant in Chandigarh on your home website. Now, if you plan on posting the details on Zomato or Uber Eats of Swiggy, you need to keep all of it same. You should try and keep the order of the address details, that is, Name, First-street, Road, Pin code, City, State, same too. If you insert wrong address on other citation websites, that make your website ranking in trouble. Because search engine unable to find correct address of your business. So make sure always but right NAP on your website and on citation as well which helps to boost your ranking on search engine.

Effect of Social Media Recognition

Social media one of the biggest platform of online branding, As a growing restaurant, you need to create pages on various social media sites to increase your outreach, right? You must already have a page for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Try and keep all the NAP details consistent with social media pages too. This way, if someone searches for your restaurant by name, he/she will see a comprehensive list of all the pages for your restaurant in a single scroll.

Easy to understand by Search Engine

On the other hand Google or other searcher engine easy to understand business name, location and phone no.  and also understand business type. Let you are living in Chandigarh and searching for SEO Agency in your city. you can search “SEO Company In Chandigarh” search engine understand the quarry about SEO and identify your City address according your Ip address and show all SEO company which is located in the Chandigarh city with the help of NAP.

Don’t Put Wrong Information In NAP

As you know NAP stands for Name Address and Phone Number. Most of the people who don’t know the importance of NAP fill the wrong format on each Citation. Here are some example of Correct NAP format

Correct Format

Justin Plumber

123 Clark St

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32458



Incorrect Format

Justin Plumber

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32458



So make sure always use correct name, address and phone no on each and every citation and directory so Google easy to understand your business and your address.

Hire a Professional Agency to Handle the NAP Details

It is a good idea to hire a professional digital marketing agency to increase your online footprint. Hire professionals who have the necessary experience of increasing search engine rankings for several businesses right from the scratch. This practice helps them identify the keywords as well as all the other critical SEO parameters like NAP to help you gain popularity on the internet quickly. The professional SEO company in India have proved their expertise with years of experience and great SEO results.