Why Golfers Are Playing With Sunglasses? The Pros & Cons!

Why Golfers Are Playing With Sunglasses

When it comes to Golf, most of the golfers play with their sunglasses. Golf is a sport which is played in open area and mostly in sunny weather. Though the sun interfere in play a good collection of sunglasses are much needed for the golfers. More importantly, it gives protection from ultraviolet waves on a sunny day. So, it’s necessary for the most of the golfer to buy or have some good collection of sunglasses with them. Good golf sunglasses collection is essential for passionate golf players. You don’t realize the importance of sunglasses on the golf ground until you show up without them on a very sunny day. In short, playing under the sun without a pair of golf shades is as crazy as playing barefoot on the ground.


Golfers should buy or have good collection of sunglasses because

  • No distraction from distracting light during play.
  • Stops wind from blowing into the eyes.
  • Comfortable vision on a sunny day.
  • Cancer protection and prevention of visionary or eye diseases.
  • Due to sunglasses our eyes get relaxing effect.
  • Blocks harmful UV light Sunglasses are of no use if they cannot block harmful UV lights. Hence it is important to consider this point while deciding the final pair of Sunglasses for you.
  • But Golfer should wear a sport specific frame over a standard pair of frames.
  • Secure wraparound fit , which ensure the frames do not move while playing
  • Sunglasses protect golfer’s eyes from bunker sand
  • Amber lens helps with contrast enabling a clearer vision which to see the ball and the flagpole clear.
  • Fit Last but not least, a golf player needs to find the best-fitted sunglasses. One doesn’t only look for good grip or coverage but a comfortable fit as well.
  • Coverage: The best golf sunglasses are the ones that ensure a full wrap because this style of frame will offer the best coverage a pair of sunglasses could give you. With a full-coverage pair of sunglasses, your eyes remain protected throughout the game. The other thing to be checked in conjunction with coverage is the height of the golf lenses. Always remember that a tall lens enhances the ability of golf sunglasses

As many golf player love to wear sunglass during playing golf but there are some player who doesn’t wear or have collection of sunglasses with them while playing.


Like pros everything has its cons also.

  • While playing golf, golfer needs natural sunlight to help regulate their hormones. Thus the sunglass prevents the natural light entering into our eyes.
  • Less adaptable to light and dark due to which lack of concentration on the ball. Your eyes operate like any of the other organs in your body. If your eyes are not exposed to various array of UV light, then your ability to adapt to light will decline as well as your vision.
  • Eye fatigue because your eyes are designed to interact with sunlight, and while playing golf wearing sunglasses for long periods of time can become a significant stress. Your eyes are being forced to operate.
  • It can harm the eyes if we are wearing sunglasses too often
  • If you keep wearing sunglasses day and night, you will lose your ability to adapt to different light conditions. Just as we lose the use parts of our body when we don’t use them, so also our eyes lose their flexibility.
  • If you are wearing golf sunglasses day and night it will reduce the power of adapt the different natural lights and reduce flexibility of eyes.

Thus due to this reasons also many golfer try to avoid having collection of sunglasses and also some golfer wear sunglasses while playing according to their comfort.

In the world of golf, sunglasses are one of the must-have accessories. But when it comes to selecting a good pair of Golf sunglasses Collections for you, it seems tricky to find quality with good looks. To find good golf sunglasses you should consider various things, such as shape, coverage and lens technology. Let’s understand the important things that you should keep in mind while deciding on the golf sunglasses.