What To Do After A Break UP With Your Girlfriend (Or Boyfriend)


Going through a break up can be a painful experience. The intensity of betrayal, hurt, panic, and sorrow that you experience even after the break up is understandable. You are not the only person to go through this painful experience, hence, I understand that it hurts your soul.

You will probably move on from facing the hurt and pain to doing all that you can to restore the lost relationship. The challenge is always getting over the intense pain that seems to be overwhelming. You can increase your chances of overcoming the emotional wreckage if you avoid walking this path alone.

Staying idle and alone will only intensify the pain that you experience. The reason being that our minds are wired to follow our emotions. Your thoughts will always gravitate towards your strongest feelings. You may want to take a few deep breaths as we continue exploring the ways you can get busy after a break-up. 



The chances that your ex had thought about breaking up with you long before it finally happened is high. In most cases, the person being dumped gets to know about this on the day they hear the news.

Just think about it, it’s almost impossible that your other half got up in the morning and made a sudden decision to break up with you immediately. However, breakups can be instant in a few instances like when your partner catches you cheating. Otherwise, factors like little actions, events, or lack of feelings may have piled up to the point that your ex decided to give up on the relationship.

The desperate feeling to rekindle your lost relationship is understandable. However, it is important that you take a few steps back, take a few breaths, and evaluate your options before moving further. You can click on this link if you feel like hooking up with someone that can help fill the absence that you feel for more you can click on this link


It is impossible to accurately predict how you will get the break-up news or how you will react when it comes. In a typical scenario, you may have received the devastating news in a calm manner and asked if you could stay friends.

In another scenario, you may have reacted with an outpouring of emotion and uncontrollable tears rolling down your cheeks. You might have asked what you did wrong and why they are giving up on the love that you shared. This approach doesn’t work in most cases.

At this point, your ex wants anything but you. Hence, shoving yourself down their throat will only drive them further away. It also portrays you as childish, selfish, and in most cases helps them move on faster. Another downer to pleading to your ex to come back to you is that it will not give them enough room to miss you.

In most cases, your ex will have to battle with the void that your absence creates in their life. Your ex will have to put up a strong emotional fight to get over you completely. Giving then the time they needs to cool off may be just the thing they need to realize how indispensable you are. 

However, it is important to note that this may not be the case if they have someone else feeling that void.