What is the most effective way to boost Lung Cancer Survival?

boost Lung Cancer Survival

Lung cancer is the most common cancer that is found today to affect men and women. Lung cancer can be contracted not only because of smoking but also by working in polluted and hazardous environments. Lung cancer, besides skin cancer, is the fastest cancer spreading in the world today. More and more men and women are falling prey to this deadly disease.

Modern medical science has helped many people to survive this cancer with the help of the best facilities for cancer treatment in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. Some of the best oncologists in the world practice in India and, therefore, help people who suffer from cancers today.

Of all the cancers, lung cancer is the one that has the most confusing symptoms as most people who smoke or work in polluted environments are susceptible to coughing and falling sick easily, which happen to be symptoms of cancer as well. Being aware of the symptoms of cancer and taking early steps to diagnose the disease can help in boosting the survival rate for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer and its Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms of cancer from regular symptoms of cough, which is prevalent in most people who are susceptible to lung cancer, is important. Lung cancer affects a large number of people in India and is mainly attributed to two main reasons:

● Smoking
● Polluted air

Those who smoke are 60% more prone to lung cancers than other people. The nicotine in tobacco is responsible for many dangerous health problems, and cancer is one of them. Smoking can not only cause lung cancer but may also affect the throat, mouth, windpipe and heart.

Another important risk factor is polluted air – this mainly refers to people who are exposed to air that has heavy metals in it, such as asbestos, lime, silica etc. Miners, construction employees and those in heavy manufacturing are prone to such exposures. Chemical exposure and radiation exposure can also cause a risk of lung cancer.

Below are some of the symptoms of lung cancer:

● Whooping cough
● Coughing up blood
● Loss of appetite
● Sudden loss of weight
● Breathlessness
● Falling sick often

Knowing the early symptoms of lung cancer can help diagnose the issue soon enough, which can help in boosting the chances of survival. There are some other methods as well that can help patients in combating lung cancer and improving their chances of beating this disease:

1. Finding the right care
The cancer treatment hospital in Chennai is rated as one of the best in India. Many hospitals and medical institutions offer the best cancer treatment in Chennai with the latest equipment for surgery and allied treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.

2. Finding the right doctor
As much as the hospital is important, finding the best oncologist is equally important. Find the best oncologist or a specialist who has the highest recommendation or a very good record of service to cancer patients. Find out about testimonials from their patients who beat cancer and finalize an oncologist that suits you best.

3. Staying Positive
Positivity is the best medicine that helps in combating cancer. Staying optimistic and being healthy by exercising as simple as just stretching or walking can help in keeping a peaceful and calm sense of mind and body. Eating the right food with plenty of veggies can also be very helpful in recovering better.