What happened to Harshvardhan Rane after ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’ Fame? Know now !!


Harshvardhan Rane is an extremely underrated actor with his acting he has won many hearts by his performance in the movie ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’, his act in the Movie was incredible that it’s remembered till the date of its release when Sanam Teri Kasam was released way a long time ago.

Harsh had everything in him for being the next big actor in the Bollywood industry but luck wasn’t on his side after his success in his debut movie, Sanam Teri Kasam released in 2016 but Rane was robbed of getting another opportunity to showcase his talent unfortunately because of no godfather in Bollywood behind him to get himself an opportunity.

Harshvardhan made a solid comeback into the Bollywood genre with the action movie ‘Trish ‘ and he was again loved by everyone for his solid performance in the movie with his ability to deliver absolute wonderful performance on the big screen he’s arguably one of the best actors present in Bollywood, but Unfortunately, he is less recognised for his work but Luck always favours the Brave he’ll bounce back stronger with more projects to his name and act well in them.

He also enjoyed success with The Movie Haseen Dilruba staring Harshvardhan(Neel), Vikrant Massey (Rishu) and Tapsee Pannu(Rani) and The movie was very exciting , thrilling , suspenseful with a twist .

It shows the chemistry of love between two people which comes with the death of the third wheel. It was filled with all the interesting topics (Romance, Murder, Mystery and Good Actors ) which are needed for spending a thrilling good time.

Harshvardhan Rane portrayed as lover of Rishu’s wife Rani . His personality fitted the character of Nil who is carefree , sturdy , bold , and playboy type . He comes as Rani fantasy to rescue her from her boring arrange marriage . But well see how daringly he makes her life even tougher.