Ways To Follow While Hacking Instagram Marketing

Ways To Follow While Hacking Instagram Marketing

If you aren’t marketing on IG, then you are literally doing it wrong. Instagram is one popular social platform that social marketers are eyeing for. Whether you are just the beginners looking for some ways to start it off on IG or just some seasoned owner looking for different forms of IG marketing ideas, you will find hacks for every step possible. By learning on ways to hack IG, you can gain more followers, engagement and finally, more customers to grow your brand or business. There are some hacks, which when used properly, can help in driving more video followers, views, likes and even comments on your present Instagram page. This is how you can land on some new customers any day!

Hacking IG with Hash tag marketing:

Whenever building new Instagram account, you have to build a hash tag with it. There is no complicated procedure for that. The thing that you need to do is just add hash tag and the name of your brand. Right in the beginning, it is on you using the hash tag. When you brand starts to grow in popularity and people end up purchasing products, you will come to see more people using hash tags. If the name of brand is a common one, try using the slogan as hash tag for a change.

  • In almost every IG pot, you can always include 30 hash tags maximum. Typing them can be annoying. Therefore, you can always add a file or note on your phone and just copy that every time. The hash tags need to be in the first comment of your post.
  • Now, you may think about the ways to find best hash tags. Some tools like Hashtagify might help you find the popular ones matching your niche. It will also tell you about the popularity level of the tags, top influencers of the same, and the countries using that particular hash tag the most.
  • You can further come across some popular hash tags on IG. You can further search keywords with hash tags. If you want, you can even browse popular accounts for viewing hash tags as used in marketing.
  • There are some popular thematic and weekly hash tags that you should jump up. You can post content around those themes on those particular days.

Proficient use of Instagram carousels:

With the help of Instagram carousel post, you have the right to upload around 10 images in just one post.in case you have multiple pictures that you need to post without adding into separate platforms, this feature you should plan to use. You don’t have to purchase Instagram followers as you can get it covered now through carousels. There are some times when you have to use IG carousel.

  • You can use this service if you are planning to post multiple times from same collection.an example might help you get the right result. In case you have launched collection of embroidered apparel rather than posting items in different post, you can scroll through some collection on app before jumping onto website to make purchases.
  • Carousel is perfect if you are launching promotion. In case you have any promotion where you can buy two and get one for selected items on store, then this IG method will work smoothly for you. You need main image that tells user about sales. But, there are following images that might be types of sales items and more. You have to ensure that every item is eligible for promoting what you are about to offer.
  • If you are hosting any event, you are asked to use Instagram Carousels for people to browse through event pictures. It is going to work great as it groups relevant pictures together. Those people who are interested in pictures will actually flip through collection. On the other hand, you have those who are not interested to see various posts about one event.

Now, there are some simple and effective steps available when you are actually planning to add multiple photos under one post. To know more about that the following steps matter a lot.

  • You have to click on right at bottom middle of IG app
  • Then, select the multiple options
  • Click on circle to cover 10 images that you plan to add and then push the next button
  • If you want, try adding filters and then click next
  • Now, you have to add caption and click share

Working your ways to find IG influencers:

With the help of Influencer Marketing, you can increase sales and social following. To learn more about best influencers, you can easily browse through IG accounts or just use influencer platforms. In case you plan to choose to browse influencers on own, you don’t have to pay fee for finding the same.  But, there are chances that you might end up with influencer whose audience won’t get converted. With the help of an influencer platform, you will not just rate but further review influencers whose performance level is sub-par. You can further get the chance to choose influencers depending on glowing reviews.

Hack Instagram Live:

Instagram Live is an amazing feature, designed for launches, Q&A, making some big announcements, humanizing brand and takeovers. One major thing about IG Live is that you can live with friend. It will work great if you are willing to have any expert join in on live session without being present physically. Your audience gets the chance to see you both under one session. You can even try bringing guests every week for offering customers with unique look into niche from some of the top experts. There are three easy ways to share IG Live videos.

  • Click on camera icon available on top left corner
  • Then, click on the button right at bottom of screen
  • Click on the Start Live Video option

Make sure to take some time off your busy schedule and follow these major Instagram hacking tips, if you really want to make it big this time. Things will definitely act in your favor.