Trendy Ways to Match Your Bangles with Your Clothing

gold bangles

From the minimalist designs to the more intricate ones, bangles have always been a favourite: they make for a memorable gift and because of their design are suitable for daily use. They are also culturally important symbol. In fact, the colour of the bangles which a married woman wears depends upon the religion she belongs to. Till only a few years ago, women would wear bangles only with ethnic outfits. However, the humble bangle has now been reinvented, with newer and avant-garde designs emerging by the day. Here are some of the trendiest ways to match your bangles to your clothing.

Lightweight bangles: The latest trend in the market are the 10 grams gold bangles designs. Their dainty design makes them the perfect choice for parties and their light weight ensures that they are comfortable enough to be worn around the house. They come in various designs: round bead, single diamond, floral, curvy and the evergreen plain bangles. Another option would be to choose smaller bangles which do not dangle on the wrist. These smaller bangles can be paired up with larger ones for an audacious look.

Multiple Bangles: Although the single bangle is not out of fashion yet, wearing fewer bangles would be advisable with western outfits. For ethnic outfits and social occasions like marriages, stackable bangles which come in sets of 6 or 12 bangles are an obvious choice.

Occasions: Not all bangles can be worn everywhere. For traditional occasions like weddings, chunky, stackable bangles studded with gemstones or diamonds would be an appropriate choice. There are also bangles which have meenakari work incorporated, which look great with ethnic outfits. For corporate events, it would be preferable to keep it conservative and minimal with more sober shades like white or rose gold.

Contrasts: A conventional choice has been to wear bangles which match the outfit. However, to achieve that trendy look, one could go for the exact opposite, for example, light coloured bangles with a dark outfit to make for a bold fashion statement. More obvious the contrast, the better. Another alternative would to mix up contemporary jewellery with traditional outfits and vice versa.

Multi stone bangles: One innovative way to wear bangles which has been receiving a lot of attention lately has been to mix it up with different colours. This can be done through bangles which have coloured gemstones or diamonds embedded in them. These bangles can have exquisite motifs and designs enamelled in them and go well with bridal and wedding jewellery. Diamond bangles design can be looked up on the various online jewellery sites which have emerged. The bangle designs on these online stores are modern and chic and mostly appeal to the millennials who wish to stand out and look unique.

For most women, fretting over choosing the right jewellery to match the outfit is a common experience. These cues are sure to make your task of choosing the right option easier.