Top Mobile App for Movie Streaming 2018


Are you bored most of the times and tired in finding all your favorite TV shows and movies online for free? Along with that, is it hard for you to get all the movies from the internet without having to pay every single time for them and want to stay away from cinemas due to their increasing rates? Well, then you really need to take a look at these top mobile app for movie streaming.

Most of the times, you aren’t even able to get anything at all from the sites you visit for streaming all your favorite movies and most of them are filled with ads, which literally causes a lot of issues in your devices.

So, to save you from all these spam sites and to make all your favorite movies available to you, here are some of the best movie apps for you to stream movies for free. So go ahead and try the best one yourself.

Let’s start:

#1 Showbox 

ShowboxImage Source

Showbox is one of the best movie apps available on the Android devices which you can easily download for free on your devices and watch all the shows you want for free. This app is available to download without any issues and you can easily get it anywhere from the internet except for Google Play Store as this app actually has some security issues on the Play Store. Still you can easily download the APK of this app for free.

#2 Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box

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Bobby Movie Box is such an app which you can easily download over your Android as well as your ios devices for free. You can easily watch all your favorite movies here for free and along with that, you can easily even download every movie or TV shows from here and straight watch them on your mobile for free. Go ahead and try it for free.

#3 Terrarium TV APK

Terrarium TV APK

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Terrarium TV app is another great movie app which is available to download absolutely for free and along with that, this app runs totally smooth and freely over all the devices you use it in. You can easily watch all your TV shows and movies from this app and easily even download them. Along with that, this app even features all the latest TV shows and movies for free which you would want to watch or download from the internet.

#4 Netflix


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When it comes to movies and TV shows, there is no better site and app than Netflix as you can easily watch all your favorite TV shows and any new and premium movie here without having to worry about paying always. You can easily just subscribe to an advanced rental plan and watch any of the content from here without any issues.

#5 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is another great movie and TV show app which you can download on your Android devices as well as your IOS devices for free. You can easily watch of the newest shows and movies or TV shows from here and along with that, you just have to pay for an advanced rental plan in this app just like you would do on Netflix. Go ahead and try this app for sure.